The video of Jimenez all star performance you be the judge!

In another site it was mentioned the scum bag JJ stated he was on medication. First this was a nothing game dirt bag Wally kept out many of his starters so why did he allow someone medicated onto the playing field. There are so many wholes in JJ's testimony it becomes unbelievable. He mentions being brushed in the shoulder pas area. Who brushed him in that area. Only the QB was behind him and he was throwing the ball. The judge that did this arbitration has to be a total moron to believe this.

Remember this. Tom Higgins is head of officials now. Look out JJ. Every play you will get watched. This time you got away with it. But in 2008? Flags. Ejections.

This is what Anthony says after reading scum bags blurb on

Interesting how his story is different on that forum than it was when he gave testimony. I won't go into the details of it. He also fails to mention the fact that we had 5 witnesses saying they saw the play and thought it was deliberate. He could only come up with one teammate who sort of saw the play and would only say 'Yea I saw him go down, but I didn't see what caused it.' This being the same witness that claimed he didn't watch the tape right after the game because "they told us the tape had been tampered with." Was it really? I couldn't say, but why in the WORLD would one of his witnesses say that?? He repeated that again after another question, but was quick to correct himself after he realized his mistake. The fact that you can't get anyone to step up to bat for you when the game was at YOUR HOME FIELD speaks volumes in itself. This is absolute garbage, a total travesty, insulting to myself and embarrassing for the league.

From speaking with reporters I've heard even more lies and trash... Jimenez claiming we had a nice conversation in which I said I would be ready to play by midseason. We barely even spoke, much less had a conversation. Why all the lies? Why not just play it straight?

I have so many things more I could say after sitting through that 10 hour appeal hearing, but what good would it do?

Also... I feel it would be unfair for me not to say that I don't think Jimenez' intent was to injure me. I DO, however, think that he was trying to block me low and happened to land on the back of my legs rather than on the side. If that's the case it would be easy to man up and just say 'yea I was trying to execute a legal block, but misjudged and landed on the back.' That's an accident anyone can forgive. Why this big elaborate thing with a slight shove, a stumble and blah blah blah?

asked if he will sue and hope someone will get JJ scum bag back

Unfortunately that isn't going to make my leg better. I am not a vindictive or angry person by nature. I DO wish the league had done something.

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Well judge you did not know that scumbag JJ was such a liar. And by the way it appears dirt bag wally may have tampered with evidence interesting.

I dont claim to know whether JJ is guilty or not but under the amount of questioning he had over the last 4-5 months and his story never changed leads me to think he truely believes it was an accident.

"I fall down and go boom"
is pretty easy to keep consistent

Even with that Ro it would be difficult for a man with his mental compacity. :lol:

crib notes

That video is useless. Have to see more to make a judgement.

That made me laugh. :lol: Nicely put, ro.

tatooed to his arm...

After seeing the video, I'm even more sure that it was not intentional, and that anything Gargiulio says about intent is for the birds.

From that video, you cannot tell if Jiminez dove, tripped, or as he said, his leg simply buckled. He was also not that far away from the play as many have said, the play was also far from over from what the video showed. The lions receiver was still inbounds and heading upfield when Jiminez hit the ground.

I think the right decision was made, based upon the evidence presented.

You seem to be forgetting that there are fans who were in attendance that day in BC Place that attest to the fact that is was a dirty hit. Everybody is treating Jiminez like he is the victim, that is why the hearing was such a travesty.

Yes there are fans who would say it was the direst thing they have ever seen. You would also get fans who would say its a clean hit. You think the CFL would bring in fans to help decide whether a player is guilty or not? Its unfortunate that we will never get a good video to know what happens, but basing the decision of biased eye witness testimony which is unreliable at best would be idiotic. Imagine how many people they would have to fly in each giving their account of what happened. If you didn't fly in all the eyewitnesses all Jiminez has to do is say to the arbitrator is look they only brought in 100 people who support there side I can't afford to fly out the other 20,000 people who agree with me.

True. Besides, the ref himself said that if it had been a Lion's player hit, he would never have pulled the flag, that he would have called it an accident. That tells me enough.

That is good enough for you?
Let's examine what you call "good enough".
First, I do not believe we have any idea what the ref said regarding that aspect. We do know what jimenez says the ref said. Not that anything he says in his own defence should be questioned.
But from what I gathered from what Jimenez said, the referee said it was not a penalty if a BC Lion player collided with another BC Lion. Really? And from that, you think Jimenez is scott free. I can't ever recall a player in any league getting a penalty for hitting his own team mate as Jimenez suggests. In hockey for example, if an opposing player gives you a love tap with his stick, it can result in 2 minutes for slashing. But if your own teamate accidently nearly decapitates you, and there is blood gushing everywhere, there is still no penalty. I believe a Dallas Star player just accidently elbowed a fellow teamate--might have given him a concussion--and had he done that to an opposition player, might have got 5 minutes and a game, which would then automatically be reviewed by the league to see if it warranted further action. No different here. So Jimenez' interpretation of what the ref said has somewhere between little and no bearing upon this topic.

And in the example of testimony above, Jimenez would not be required to fly in 20000 witnesses. He would need to find some...the referee, the video tape, even at least one member of his own team all give evidence to the controlled nature of the blow. Expert testimony is worth more than eyewitness acounts, but most eyewitnesses (all?) say it was a clear foul. The ref thought it was flagrant enough to toss him out of the game. That is an uncommon penalty. The league actually did suspend him, ie., found him guilty.
Then an arbitrator overturns that decision. We all saw the AJ Gass incident last year. Clear, undisputable video evidence. No question as to the deliberate nature of what he did--he never even denied it.
Yet it was overturned in arbitration.
So having an arbitrator rule in Jimenez' favour does nothing to convince me.

What exactly does it tell you? No one believes that a player would intentionally injure a team mate.

Any of those fans non-lions fans?

I doubt it!

ya those shoe laces really make you dive for the back of a guys legs. :lol: :lol: :lol: I would suggest you watch again. The last time I heard a hit from behind is illegal. And the fact no one wass near him tells me it was deliberate I mean thats face it he does this a few times almost every game. Then uses dumb excuses (I was medicated. Seems to me dirt bag wally should have kept him out of the game with the other scum bag who was healing.