The video of Jimenez all star performance you be the judge!

Well this could be the problem. Really how hard did the CFL represent Anthony's cause here. Did they try to prove JJ was a scum bag or not. JJ has a history of dirty play as mentioned in a CBC article. In the video there is no sign of him being pushed into AG, the ref is right there to witness the event. They believe the testimony of a fellow Lion player over that of the Ref. Really why have refs? What purpose do they play? I really hope AG sues and I hope sooner or later what foes around comes around for JJ. I would love nothing more to see him removed from a field of play in an ambulance.

Arbitration shouldn't be done by a judge but by a 3 member panel, represented by the Officials,CFLP and Commissioner. 3 votes...

Players in the CFL need to start looking after their interests. If it dosen't take money out of owners pockets they couldn't care less.

We won't see proper officiating, Drug testing or pensions for players till they start looking after their stuff.

Maybe instead of playing video games on a couch for months out of the year they should take care of business :slight_smile:

the video is inconclusive. folks, things like this happen in sports, and whether it was a dirty hit or not, these things happen. These athletes need to feel blessed that they were able to say they were pro athletes. whether it was a dirty hit or not, things like this happen regardless. does anyone else recall that Monday night football game a few years back between Denver and Cincinatti? the Cincinatti gaurd chop blocked the Denver defensive tackle in a perfectly legal hit, tearing the tackles MCL and causing him to miss the next two years. I am not the one to judge whether it was a dirty hit or not, I am just saying this could have also happened legally, and these athletes need to feel blessed to play, even for such a short time.

Well Chris make your speech to Anthony Gargullio his career could be over not because of an accident but a mindless individual supported by his coach, CFLPA and his lousy fans. Accidents happen mindless dirty play is premeditated. THe BC Lions angel Jimenez has had a reputation to uphold leg whipping, piling on etc. You can try to call it an accident but a ref in the CFL did not see it that way, many players on the field did not see it that way, many players not in the game (A J Gass) viewing the film said it was a dirty play. Yet a judge who does not follow football and probably never seen a game rules it accidental. By all means sleep in peace believing that.

I am not saying whether it was an accident or not, and Jiminez probably should be suspended but i am not his juror and neither are you. my point is these things do happen legally, and players do need to feel blessed they have this opportunity, no matter how short it is.

Gargiulo insists he'll play again
Lineman remains certain leg hurt intentionally
Allen Cameron, Calgary Herald
Published: Saturday, May 03, 2008

Anthony Gargiulo says some day he may forgive -- he hasn't yet -- but he'll never forget the play, or the player, that could have ended his football career.

But the Calgary Stampeders defensive end, whose rookie season came to a shattering end in the regular-season finale last November when his left leg was broken after a controversial block from B.C. Lions offensive lineman Jason Jimenez, insists he's on schedule to return to the team in time for training camp in a month.

"I free pretty well considering how far away from running I was just two months ago," said the 23-year-old Dartmouth grad on Friday, from his home in Neshanic Station, N.J. "I'm getting exponentially better as the days go by. I'm feeling optimistic about it.

"I obviously don't think that's going to be the case (that the injury could cost him his career), but I'm not going to be unrealistic and say that it's not possible. But in my mind, it's not going to be an option for me."

Jimenez was initially suspended for one game for an illegal block, but an arbitrator overturned the suspension after an April 10 hearing in Calgary. That ruling was released on Thursday, and it left Gargiulo disappointed.

Video evidence of the play, from the Nov. 3 game at B.C. Place Stadium, was inconclusive, and the play was finally ruled "accidental."

"There's a clip of him falling into the back of my leg, but the two seconds leading up to it is off-camera," said Gargiulo, who played 10 games in 2007, making 21 tackles and five sacks. "Therein lies the problem, I guess, that you can't prove (intent).

"There's not too much I can do about the hearing, huh? Clearly, I'm disappointed. I have a lot to say about it, but a lot I won't say, too."

Regardless of the ruling, though, Gargiulo refuses to believe Jimenez didn't mean to do him some harm.

"Having seen him throw many similar blocks, I would say (it was intentional)," he said. "If I thought there was a possibility that it was accidental that he hit me, I could forgive him, because things like that happen in the game of football. But I really don't think it was. Will I forgive? Maybe, but I haven't yet. Will I forget? Probably not, if that makes any sense."

The two players attended the April 10 hearing in Calgary, but barely spoke, said Gargiulo -- "Not really. We made a comment about the weather, if that counts," he said.

Ironically, the teams meet again in the season opener, June 26 at McMahon Stadium -- a game Jimenez would have missed had the suspension been upheld.

"Really, now, the question for me is, can I recover, and practise twice a day, every day, for a month," said Gargiulo, who had a second round of surgery two months ago to remove two screws, and faces more down the road to deal with six remaining screws in his leg. "That's going to be the biggest challenge. The leg is strong, but after I run, it swells up. It's not shot for the next day, but it's significantly more painful. Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to start running twice a day, just to see where it's at, really. I don't think any football player is a stranger to pain.

"You're so used to coddling it for the past four and a half months, and now, you're trying to treat it like a normal limb. It is a bit of a mental block at first, but I've overcome it pretty quickly."

Should make for an interesting home opener. I hope Wally calls a sweep to Murphy's side on the first play, and JJ has to pull. Things can get treacherous scraping down the line on plays like that.

That is an interesting observation, Leeing.
My answer is yes, I can honestly say there was no way another player knocked Jimenez down. From the video. If someone were close enough to have knocked him down, that individual would still be in the final frames of this video. There simply is nobody anywhere near Jimenez to have done that. The only player behind Jimenez on that play was the QB. I suppose after he threw the ball he might have decided to take a run at his big offensive lineman and hit him so hard that it sent him sprawling forward, far enough that the QB was no longer anywhere near him, and fast enough to launch Jimenez into AG. But really, tackle vs end, there isn't much traffic there, there was no stunting or twisting on the play--Calgary comes with a straight forward rush. Then the Calgary lineman turns and is running away from Jimenez. The odds that he was pushed or simply tripped and fell into AG under those circumstances, and with enough force to have done that much damage, are pretty remote. Given that the referee, who appears to have been looking directly at the play saw fit to throw a flag, and actually toss Jimenez from the game certainly says he believed that Jimenez was not pushed, nor did he stumble, but that the act was deliberate. Other eyewitnesses say the same.
So while you see nothing on the video to convict Jimenez, I see nothing to exonerate him.
Innocent until proven guilty?
Well he was found guilty. And now that has been overturned. But this is not a court of law, and there is no presumption of innocence needed in this case. It is a simple disciplinary action. And the reason you take this action is for the safety of your employees. It doesn't matter if Jimenez was deliberately trying to injure AG. The reality is, his action was deliberate, and that type of deliberate action needs to be prevented from occuring in the future. So we do not need to know if Jimenez had any intent to injure.
All that was needed to suspend him was to determine if he intentionally threw the block. And it is difficult to dispute that. Not even sure if he denies it. I think his argument was, "the whistle had not blown, and I threw a legal block".
And a one game suspension for this type of incident can hardly be seen as harsh. Four games might not have been to many. I think two would have been quite fair.

Anyway, unlike 05, I will not find pleasure if Jimenez is carted off on a stretcher this year. Not because I have any sympathy for Jimenez. Because it will be bad for the game. But I will not be surprised if it happens. And then Jimenez might wonder why oh why he did not just accept a one game suspension.
And I hope the arbitrator can sleep at night....

That's what I was saying in the other topic. Why didn't the ref testify on behalf of the league? From the article 05 posted, it doesn't sound like he did.

I guess he does claim he was brushed, which knocked him off balance:

It was a pass play completed on the right side of the field for a minimal gain. When the ball was thrown, I turned to cover to the ball. Covering to the ball means to pursue to the ball and help out the receiver if possible. As I finished my blocking assignment on #92 Anthony Gargiulo, he turned to cover to the ball, as did I. I started to run towards the receiver when I felt that I had gotten brushed in the shoulder pad region, ever so slightly as I ran. Whom exactly? I'm not sure. I didn't stop to get the guy's jersey number for future clarifcation as I ran toward the ball. This caused me to run for a few yards off balance. I succumbed to the pain in my leg as I ran foward awkwardly. As a result, I fell into the back of Anthony Gargiulo's legs. That's it
Nice to know a tiny, glancing blow can knock this guy off his feet....

edit......way way off topic

How or what brushed him? There was no one behind him other then the QB and he was throwing the ball. His testimony is pure BS.

Its pretty sad that having his shoulder pads “brushed” would cause him enough pain in his legs that he would fall down

Well reading his little explanation really makes me feel good because it smacks of lies. He should learn to shut his yap. Mind you there will be 7 teams looking to do that this year. And believe me that will be enjoyable to watch. What next is he going to roll over the water boy. :lol:

The August game in Saskatchewan, Jimenez did this same thing to Mullinder (rolled at his ankles, from behind). Luckily Mullinder was not hurt and Jimenez was penalized for Unneccessary Roughness.

Well like in the CBC report that was posted many players from various teams have stated he does this all the time and a very dumb judge has no idea what he does that is wrong. Sad but true.

Just watched this video for the first time and is a clear cut case of Jimenez attempting to injure Gargiulo. Keep in mind these guys may look like hulking beasts but in reality they are highly trained athletes and most play with required respect to their peers on the field so not to injure, cheap shots are one thing but rolling up on the back of someones legs is disgusting, highly dangerous and frowned upon by most, except Jimenez.How can one (Jimenez) with that line of pursuit launch themselves onto a forward roll or rolls with no attempt to avoid contact to what is perhaps the most vulnerable area of a lineman and claim accidental....if this was the case he pleaded Jimenez should be banned, if for nothing else but being a danger on the field....the ref did his job, shame Laird didn't do his..

I agree with you Redwhite. Right before the big fight over here in Regina Jiminez did same thing. It was to Jones I think. Or maybe Mullinder. Way behind play. Dove into back of players legs. Wonder if Riders have that on tape. Lot of us who saw it were talking about it. It was big time cheap shot. Then 5 minutes later there was the big fight everyone remembers. Then it was like what Jiminez did got forgotten. And it wasnt a accident. Everyone was talking about Murphy and the other guy and what they did. But Jiminez did it here to. And it was just like what happened to Calgary player. Dove into back of Rider players legs. Luckily player got knocked down but not hurt.

Well The CFLPA is figures this type of play is fine with them. Your right Laird should resign he is a disgrace to football and so is Jimenez. The BOG should be addressing this or 2008 will be ugly and the BC Lions will be a hunted team. When Wally starts to cry foul it will be pure enjoyment for me.

The part of his statement that galls me is that he states he did not attempt to injure Garguilo. If he was brushed and KNEW he was going to fall, why not to try to avoid him, instead of rolling into him, or at least yell out to Garguilo to try to warn him-- give him the chance to avoid the collision. No, sorry, Mr. Jimenez, your explanation doesn't wash.