The video of Jimenez all star performance you be the judge!

thanks for show this again. Can you honestly say that Jimenez was not falling down after being contact by another player? There is frankly no way to tell from this image!

Frankly I am now less convinced after viewing this that he deserved the suspension in the first place.

btw, do you know for sure that the arbitrator did not see any team game footage?

Leeing not only have stamp players stated he made an extra effort to roll that far but many players from nearly every team has seen this Jimenez stunt in other games. Your call your entitled to your opinion.

By the way what did he trip on his knuckles. Nothing caused him to fall down and roll. I guess sporty is a lair as well he ws there had full view and a BC Lion fan.

Have they? Can you post some links to this?

After reading what JJ himself had to say, along with this very inconclusive video evidence to the contrary, I now understand better how the arbitrator made his ruling. I am not convinced of JJ being innocent, but its ignorant to say he cannot be. As I have said elsewhere, how JJ conducts himself on the field from here on will go along way in indicated the likelyhood of his guilt here.

JJ presents a good case for the defense. The prosecution has been unable to prove beyond "reasonable doubt" that JJ is guilty. Therefore, despite what one may be inclined to believe, he had to be officially judged innocent. Either prosecutor appeals, with new and improved evidence, or case is closed and time to move on.

Of course your not biased right! :lol:

are you talking to me???

Sorry I do not but it was stated a week after the game by the sport casters. I could careless if you do not want to believe me or not. You formed your opinion and I have mine.


are you??

'05, FYB was in the vocal minority of BC fans who spoke out against Jimenez for the infraction. Perhaps you should be sure no bias exists before you quip.

By the way tell me did he trip on his shoe lace to roll that far to inflict serious injury.

Couple things.

First, thats pretty much on how I remember it.

Second I have to close my eyes and only look at the video. I can now see why the Arbitrator cound't see much to the video. Its a lousy video. You can't see anything to the right of Jimenez.

You know what bugs me? All of TSN's cameras. Not even their end zone camera picked it up. So strange.

Lastly, it goes to show you how an "eye witness" can forget things. I didn't think the block was that far over, I remember it being closer to the centre of the field (But I'm a bit wrong here) but the video shows it on the other side of the hash marks.

That cannot be the only video available. The damn thing isn’t even in colour. At least it wasn’t for me… :expressionless:

I watched the video about 10 times. Once you focus in on the last few seconds of it you see an orange jersey rolling up the back of a white jersey ( to fuzzy to identify anyone from the video ). There is no one around him in the video so if someone tripped him he would have had to fly through the air a great distance. But if this is the only video they had it would be a case of it being obvious he was diving instead of just tripping but without the broader view one could not tell if it was culpable or not ( intentional vs dumb luck ). If I was the arbitrator I would have ruled that the laws of probability leave no doubt it was planned and intentional, however without a broader view covering how he left his feet it can't be stated 100% that someone didn't trip him. Embellishing a hit to draw a penalty wouldn't draw a suspension. I hope JJ knows how lucky he was to win on a hail mary. He would be a fool not to know he will be a marked man for the rest of his career at this point.

Not exactly what you are asking for but

[url=] ... nsion.html[/url]
However, during B.C.’s 40-7 whipping of Toronto, our cameras caught Jimenez leg-whipping Johnathan Brown, a move that almost started a brawl. After one of the Montreal games, the league put the Lions “on notice? for leg-whipping. It’s a dangerous tactic, and it’s not as if his use of dangerous tactics is unprecedented.
Expert testimony. This where I base the strength of my opinion. I sent a link of the clip to Chris Walby, Khari Jones, Daved Benefield, Greg Frers and A.J. Gass - the five former players who worked on our show last weekend. Walby, arguably the greatest lineman ever to play in the CFL, called it maybe the dirtiest play he’d ever seen. Jones and Benefield thought it was brutal. Frers and Gass watched it with me in my Regina hotel room, and you had to see the look on their faces. They were shocked. (And, as many readers have pointed out, if Gass is shocked, it’s pretty bad.)

thank You Ro I was looking for that. I have heard from a few stamp players as well that Jimenez has been doing this to nearly every team ticking many opposing players off. But that was also the article I was looking for.

FYB, this has to be the most hypocritical statement I have seen a poster make. You were ready to abandon the Lions in last year playoffs, and now you say that the video is "inconclusive"??!! Words cannot describe my utter comptent for you. You were so ready to brand Jiminez a "dirty" player, and now that you have actually seen the video , you are going to change your mind on this incident? The official was right there, and made the call. Obviously he had a better angle than anyone else did, and he saw fit to eject Jiminez from the game! FYB, you have lost all my respect I ever had for you, and trust me, it wasnt much to begin with-- and this idiocy shows me that my insticts about you were right-- you talk a good game, but you dont have the balls to back it up. I saw the video when the CBC played it the first time-- and now, I see the same thing- Jiminez having no regard or respect for a fellow player. I believe the video shows that he deserves to be suspended, and for more than just one game. At least I am consistent in my view-- its too bad that you cannot do the same-- you, FYB, were looking for an out on this issue, and you seem to think this video gives that to you. Congrats-- way to go on abandoning your self-righteous principles. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

oh brother :roll: :roll:

As far as I am concerned, my belief about JJs guilt is unchanged from before. I never based my belief on seeing this video, but on his rep and comments from other players and those that claim to have seen the play. All I am saying is that legally, it hasnt been proven to the arbitrator beyond reasonable doubt. I did not say that I personally was any less convinced of his guilt. If you think I did, then you have serious comprehension deficiency. I just happen to recognize that I am not always right and just because I beleive him guilty doesnt mean he is for sure. I dont need any "OUT". I said last yr that I would be cheering for sask to beat the lions in the playoffs if Wally played JJ, and I did. This is a new yr, and guilty or not, I never planned on permanently cheering against the lions over this. As for your "utter contempt" for me, hot damn, guess I better kill myself now. Ya big meany..sniff.


While we can probably all agree that the video quality is poor, where I think we should look more strongly at in the video is the fact that the official is looking right at the incident all along and immediately throws a flag and tosses him from the game.

I think if it was accidental, and I'm far from believing that, surely the official watching it unfold would have come to that conclusion as well.

I wonder if the ref testified?