Hi everyone,
The time of year is fast approaching when football is on all our minds. The regulars on this board know that the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge is a part of that.

Since 1999, I’ve been running the unofficial "pool’. Most of that time it has been hosted on this board, but in the early years it was on other sites.

We’ve always gotten a good turnout, with lots of people making picks and some lively discussions. I’ve had a good time doing it, and I hope everyone has had as good a time participating.

That said, I feel the time has come for me to retire. Now that I am older, I no longer have the energy to enter picks and post standings, week in and week out. So I will no longer be running the VGCC.

I’m aware that some of you have been keeping track of the picks yourselves, and some have been doing a better job at it than I have. So I would be proud if someone else took over my position, and kept this thing going for years to come. I leave it to you to make the decision as to who will take on this role.

The rules are available at These should give you a good starting point; download them, and feel free to make changes to them as you see fit. Also, the VGCC awards are at It would be nice if you could maintain them as well.

I will still come around the CFL forum from time to time, and may even participate in the VGCC.

Thank you all for participating,

“Big” Dave Roddick

You got me all excited and then I read that you're retiring :frowning:

You've done a great job maintaining and keeping this going for 17 years (making me feel old). Well deserved retirement BigDave!

We need to keep it going somehow

......Sad to hear Dave.....Really enjoyed all of the years you put in keeping the board standings the way you did....and excellently done I might add...Well I support your decision I'm feeling something is going to be missing in 17 and can't help feeling a little sad :frowning: I hope someone else takes it on... I'm glad you're going out a winner...(maybe not in the standings :wink: but as a great CFL fan and overseer of the VGCC)....

Big piece of history the VGCC has on this forum is special I find. To keep this football pool up and running, one would need position rights with similar options that moderators have.

Big Dave, Really sorry to hear that, I enjoy the VGCC so much ... That being said, thank you once again for running this for us each year. After so much time, you deserve the break from running this event. Thank you for giving us all so much entertainment over the years! The VGCC was probably the most liked and participated in portion of this entire Forum.

Thank you Big Dave!

Standing Ovation for you as you exit stage left


Thank you very much Dave for all your hard work over the years.
Hope you still come around on a regular basis.

Thanks for all you've done, Dave. You've made this forum always enjoyable, and at times the VGCC is the only thing enjoyable. I wish you well in retirement, and hope to see you win the thing some day! Good luck!

I hope we can find someone willing to take this on. I can help from time to time, but I can't commit to regular or long-term help.

Wah! Big Dave, our whole family is very sad -- Leorocks, Swahgade, joeyfootball, and me - Red Blacks Girl

Thanks for hosting the VGCC for these past few years. We have all enjoyed competing with each other on your platform.

I've made my picks on the CFL's pick-em site -- but it's JUST NOT THE SAME!


Hey Big Dave,

A heart felt Thank You for all your efforts and hard work. Very much appreciated.

All the best to you and yours,


I might be interested in taking it over if someone were to do it while I'm on holidays on September 11th. It would be two weeks as I don't get back until the 23rd. Wine tasting tour, visit friends in Vancouver, football and baseball games in Seattle.

Thanks BigDave for all the good work.

My heart sunk when I logged in today and seen this thread instead of the one I was looking for

I can’t thank you enough for all the years Dave, this was one of my biggest pleasures of the football season. I still credit your VGCC for keeping me involved with football after my dad passed in June '11.

I will forever be grateful for everything you have done. Thank you my friend!!!

Oh that would be great....hopefully someone will step up to help.
Thanks LeBird.

Hey BigDave, Were you using a spread sheet and if so could I have a copy?

thanks for all you've done dude

Missed this thread when it first started.

Thank you Big Dave for all your hard work over the seasons bringing us the VGCC. :thup:

Like a fan favourite, it's sad to see you retire.. but it's well deserved.

All the best.. and thanks again.