The Vanier Cup

Does anyone know if tickets will be available to buy at the door?

Theres no risk of a sellout, so yeah they will.

yeah, there will be tickets available game day.

i’m sure scalpers aren’t going to make any money off the vanier.

there will be a few extra people because of Western but tickets will be available and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cats offered a deal to season ticket holders sometime this week like they have done in the past with the international bowl

This going Blowout for Laval anyways..
I just don't think Mustangs have Horses to Win this won.

FYI, the Snowbirds have been tasked to do a flyover at the Vanier Cup. They arrive at Hamilton Airport on Friday, and will fly over IWS at 1400 hrs on Saturday.

Will be watching it from Montreal :cowboy:

Suppose to be a great crowd. Get your tickets!

Snowbirds did two passes in Big Diamond formation, east to west. (Because I just know you needed to know this !) And since there was snow in the air, they lived up to their name...

Oh yeah, the game - no surprises, error-free Laval football. But Western kept it close in the first quarter.

Enjoy the Grey Cup !

44-21 as I said it would be
so it was writen
Can you say Blowout