The use of this 4 letter word is unacceptable

Arg-s is not a word this site will tolerate, I find it offensive and it is being thrown around on this site much to often.
It is much easier and less rude to refer to them as arblows,argoofs,pond scum, or what have you.
As Ockham once stated this is a family site and we do not want to expose the little ones to such language. :lol:

OK, I will only say the word one more time, what the heck does the word Argo have to do with a ship? I don't get it, the only thing I can think of is a sinking ship.



You might want to give this a read

You bet Matelot.... great reference

My favourite part of the mythology of the Argonauts and the golden fleece is wikipedia's note:

"It seems that the story of the Golden Fleece had little resonance for Athenians of the Classic age, for only two representations on Attic painted wares of the fifth century have been identified"

Toronto, is this the new home of the Athenians of the Golden Age? Compare the 'Golden Fleece' to the T.O. bank towers as part of your answer

Oskee wee wee

Good one Dan. Hopefully after Sunday we can compare Toronto with "The Lost City of Atlantis".

That might help explain why a poet, a physician, a farmer, a scientist, a magician and seven others were seen fleeing Toronto earlier this week...

The use of typing completely or even partly in caps is also done here far too much. Most never say anything about it and the ones that do get their posts deleted by the mods.

Blue team, Evil Incarnate, and Shipwrecks are acceptable, but never the "A" word.

For future reference, is "argo-nots" acceptable? It is pejorative enough, but it does contain that four letter word. . .

Only if you want people to stop reading (in this case)5 words into your post.

I used to think that way but am softening my objections to the word when used in the appropriate context.....and describing the Argos in this manner is very appropriate indeed in my ever so humble opinion :wink:

(see attached signature) :lol:

Arg-s is offensive and rude, but it is better than their first name....

Absolutely disgusting word.... it is not even allowed in my household... that team is affectionately known in my abode as Blew!!