The upside of Fan Appreciation Day

This gave me the chance to do something I always wanted...

Congrats......Any plans for a game day wedding?


I hope she said yes :slight_smile:

I won't be that lucky.


Congrats! I heard about this on the pregame show..



We missed it though.

Congrats! :thup:

I thought I remembered hearing something about this on the pregame show as well. And if I heard correctly, she did say yes to that proposal. And if so, congrats, Fletch.

Awww how sweet is that?? Congrats. She's a lucky girl.

Fletch you've made headlines on local news on, congrats :thup: .

And CHML, I found out that she did say yes. And you can click here to link on this breaking news so you can verify it yourself. :slight_smile:

Congratulations again, Shaun and Jessica.

Thanks to all. :smiley:

ya man, i was there and it was fun to watch

Congrats Fletch

And here's a girl question ... are your wedding colours going to be black & gold??? :smiley: :smiley:

There has been some talk. Also it might be held on a football field under a huge tent. Since there will be ALOT of poeple there.

Might have to kick a field goal after kissing the bride too.

Good thing you weren't wearing #11
Danny Maciocia would have been soooo jealous :stuck_out_tongue: