The unofficial CFL Cut Track thread

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That is a link to the official CFL.CA player transactions page.

If people find any player cut info from across the league, link to it here.

It ought to be an interesting day.

Oski Wee Wee,

I don't know if anyone missed it, or if it was talked about as when I came on this morning there were a ton of unread topics for myself to go through. However if it wasn't mentioned, Montreal released Keith Stokes yesterday. No, I don't think we should pick him up, but I thought it was interesting that it seems Stokes can't fit anywhere anymore. Ex-Ticat Donnovan Carter was also released.

EDIT: I noticed that BCTICATFAN posted about this earlier, as well as the fact that I missed Edmonton releasing Josh Ranek.

Agreed re Stokes. I know the Cats are trying to find a permanent solution to the returner roles on special teams, but Stokes is not needed. Corey Holmes would be the failsafe as a punt returner if nobody in the current mix emerges, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'd have to agree, although I'd try as hard as possible to keep him away from returning the ball so he has more energy when he's needed on offense and so he's off the field more, which means a lower risk of injury.

The Argonauts have made their cuts.

No one notable or interesting in the Argo cuts.

Andre Durie, the Boatmen were high on this lad or are the boatmen just high. :lol:

Although today is the day to make the final cuts, I feel sad for all the players, regardless of team, being released today. :frowning:

I have a bit of a problem with Corey Holmes. He didn't really do that much in last night's game and a little research shows that he is 31 years old. Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not advocating that he be cut, but I am definitely agreeing with the school of thought that says, "don't overuse him".

I would also take a look at Keith Stokes. I find it strange that a guy like this would get cut unless he's injured. I'd certainly be looking into it, anyway.

Holmes can't show much in Exhibition. I got in a discussion about this with my Grandfather today. We were both disappointed in Holmes, however the only running plays that were being called were plain handoffs. We all know that Holmes is a finesse back, and once he gets counters/mis-direction plays going he'll look good again. Holmes can't barrel through 4 guys like Lumsden can.

he did manage to get into a little scuffle with Barrin Simpson though, that was entertaining.

(at least i think it was with simpson)

The Lions have released four players.

I'd pick up Argo cut Andre Durie. Until his knee injury while at York U he was an outstanding back. Not just good but many observers said NCAA-level outstanding. However, his injury was bad--ligaments, cartilage and nerves. He was unable to even raise his foot but he rehabbed it all the way back to being able to play football. Apparently, he looked really good in camp but the Argos are stacked at Canadian RBs. But this guy can play and is worth a look.

An Argo-Cat fan

it was hebert

either way, little bit of david vs goliath there.

and Durie wouldn't be that bad of a pickup if he actually had a decent camp.... sure would be nice to have a canadian backup for Lumsden.

pick up kendrick jones that was just cut from the lions.

"Trade away Cates, Rhinehart; acquire Lazeo

CALGARY ( wire) -- The Calgary Stampeders were involved in two separate trades on Saturday on CFL cut-down day.

The Stampeders acquired Canadian offensive lineman Rob Lazeo and a 2009 conditional draft pick from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in exchange for import running back Wes Cates. Calgary also dealt defensive back Coby Rhinehart to the Montreal Alouettes in exchange for future considerations.

The Stampeders also released 10 players from their active roster; import receiver J.R. Tolver, import offensive lineman Mike Erickson, non-import receiver Greg Hetherington, non-import defensive back Sean Manning, import linebacker Rob Rodriguez, import defensive back Brandon Stewart, import defensive back Sadrick Williams, receiver David Bautista, offensive lineman Riley Clayton and import defensive lineman Calvin Thibodeaux."

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"Saturday, June 23, 2007 - 09:15PM

EDMONTON ( wire) -- The Edmonton Eskimos released slotback Mookie Mitchell, running back Jarred Winkel and offensive lineman Tim O’Neill on Sunday.

A 10-year CFL veteran, Mitchell played three years with the Eskimos. In 2006 he started 15 games, finishing the season with 70 catches for 892 yards and one touchdown. He also rushed three times for 24 yards and returned eight punts for 95 yards.

“Mookie Mitchell is a future CFL Hall of Famer and we won a lot of games and a championship with him,? said Eskimos head coach Danny Maciocia. “We wish Mookie all the best in his future endeavors.?

Non-imports Winkel and O’Neill each played one season for the Eskimos. Winkel appeared in five games last year, mostly on special teams. O’Neill spent the 2006 season on the practice roster."

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Coach Maciocia hoping team 'chemistry experiment' has some kick on football field

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Sorry I didn't have time to make a fully-fledged waiting room. I'm kind of hoping this last patient gets induced with 50,000 volts, but I digress. :wink: LMAO

Oski Wee Wake,

TiCat cuts just announced.

I'm a wee bit surprised Kordic didn't make it and A.Davis did, however, what will be will be...