The Unofficial "Burn The Witches!" Thread

I am, of course, joking. There are 16 games left...

That being said, here are some things I observed from the game tonight:

  1. Corey Holmes: was he hurt? I thought we were going to utilize him as a multi-purpose weapon. Consigning him to backup RB status and returns limits what the man can do in the passing game. He should be shuffled in and out to cause mismatches. Ranek and Holmes on the field at the same time (RB and SB) would he nice to see occasionally as well as using Holmes in the same backfield as Ranek, motioning out as a receiver to cause problems for the D.

  2. I understand Montreal's pressure packages causes the offense to look to get the ball off quickly...but how many hitch passes can a team throw in a game???? With no hitch and go plays deep whatsoever?

  3. Jamie Boreham: Fix it fast and get it done.

  4. Penalties: still a problem...more marginal calls against us than vs. Toronto, but still...

  5. Craig Yeast made some plays...I hope the cut Yeast threads will diminish accordingly

  6. Adjustments: we need to WIN a halftime adjustment competition and SOON.

  7. Defence played well in general (see number eight)...tough to continually get it done when you're facing two-and-out after two-and-out...

Eight) Chris Martin: Ben Cahoon took him to school. Problem is, class is dismissed.

That's it for now...more once I can get back online with a new mouse.

Oski Wee Wee,

i was at this question tho...

WHY is boreham still playing in the CFL?...this guy missed 3 field goals ( maybe more, after i left early )

he missed from 35, 40 and 45....last week, in toronto he missed from 25....this guy sucks!

i know sh SU@KS and our punter isnt much better.

Im now a none-boreham supporter but im ALMSOT a yeast fan. He gained my respect today. Wll done Craig. Give Boreham the boot (that would teach him how to kick. I hope he tooks notes from Duval)

Im glad your converting lol :thup:

Alright, here's the kind of post-game analysis thread I have been waiting for. It was one with a good first post that can make for a good discussion starter. And perhaps "burn the witches" is what the gist of this thread could turn out being, so players and coaches on the Ticats had better hope they are not found to weigh as much as a duck. :slight_smile:

Points #2, #3, #6, and #8 had already been made, in the game thread in particular. But they should be emphasized. Poor discipline can be the result of bad coaching, and lack of creativity on offense is certainly the result of bad coaching. Getting beat when it comes to halftime adjustments is also the result of substandard coaching. I predicted that people would be demanding that Marshall be fired and Paopao take his place, but it looks like I may only be half-right. I have heard Ottawa fans criticize Paopao for running a predictable offence, with lots of hitch and shovel passes.

And as for the points on Holmes and Yeast, those were interesting to hear. Holmes appeared to underutilized, as we saw little of him other than that one play where he looked like he could be a quarterback in addition to being a running back and slotback. And as for Yeast, the anti-Yeast crowd may quiet down, but only for now. They'll be back on him again if he has another bad game. He didn't look bad tonight, but can he consistently keep that up?

So while the team may look much better on paper, poor coaching can make the team not look as good on the field. As I previously mentioned, the Ticats weaknesses certainly were exposed tonight. And could the Ticats be the worst-coached team in the league?

And Russ, I see you edited your post so that you don't have the number 8 beside that parenthesis. Having the two together created an emoticon. 8)

  1. I stated in my post last week that I question Ranek starting over Holmes. Holmes has to be in the game at all times.

  2. Half time adjustments for the 2nd straight year are not working. Thus we are getting out-coached.

  3. Too many flags on us

  4. Once again no kicking game

It was mentioned on the 5th Quarter on CHML radio that

Holmes was playing through an injury that he got last night.

"What else do you burn aside from witches?"


If you don't know what that's from, you have no sense of humour.

Build a bridge outta her...

tackling was brutal...lot of guys waiting for someone else to make the hit..they looked like they were afraid they might get hurt.

F.G. attempts were really bad, not a little bad, but like he was kicking with fuzzy bunny slippers on or something...

Maas had some passes in the right place at the right time but often too high..someone tell him that our receivers are 5'8 and not 6'5

p.s. the run up the middle wasn't working last night...after the 14th time you should have figured that out and tried something else.

Other than that I thought we had a great, I think it will all come together. A lot of new bodies not used to working together..I just hope they gel sooner than later.

TRADE RANEK FOR A QUALITY DB... take out martin our somtihng.. with Anthony davis on the injured reserve when hes healthy can play 2nd string RB, also not to forget if Jesse Lumsden Comes back mid season.. BRROKS AT MLB! WHO AGREES WITH ME.. at least he can run up and down the feild and makes INT's... Auggie isnt going to cut it for this MIDDLE D... im tellin yah... Is Anybody With Me On This!!