The Undertaker Era & the Destruction of a Brand

The once-feared, widely respected Tiger Cat brand has been besmirched and is now a metaphor for sheer incompetence and utter haplessness.

This made me angry, then sad, and, finally, indifferent.

And it made my mother use the F-word for the second time in her life...

it's really great that your mother found it Fantastic!

Just for interest sake, in your opinion when was the Ticat brand last feared and widely respected? late-seventies? mid eighties?

The Young years so far have been mostly grim, but the decline of the Ticats began a few decades before Mr. Young. With stable ownership comes hope.

It been a Tough Year
I like win a few close ones

And it made my mother use the F-word for the second time in her life...
8) What made her use it for the first time ???? :wink:

Please be indifferent. Indifferent would keep you away from here.

8) Good one "Ockham" !!!! :lol:

When he was born?

I find it even hard to look at him when I saw him there standing by the hall of famers! Hamilton deserves better "CARETAKER"

8) Ouch !! :lol: :lol:

Hey I got it Caretaker You can have my rusty honda accord for your BMW! :wink: Suckers only live in Hamilton he beleives!

No offense, but if you've got the money to take the team off of his hands, I'm sure he'd be willing to listen to your offer.

Young said he didn't know anything about running a football team and he's proved it in spades, but he stepped up with cash in hand.

I'm not one of those posters that says you can't criticize the owner's actual decisions - I do it all the time - but until someone else puts their money down Hamilton "deserves" only the best that Mr. Young is able to deliver.

I for one think he's on the right track now. I'm on the fence about Mitchell, but Mitchell's hiring of Obie was a good one, and Obie's very qualified to evaluate the coaching situation.

MTL NDG - Shut upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp There will be better days ahead. Thank god for Bob Young…

They have not been the best of times with Mr Young but they have been better than not having any ticats. He saved this team. If it were not for him we would be on the CFL website with the Ottawa fans, hoping to get a team.

He has said he is not giving up on this team, he is in it for the long haul, until we get a winning team several years in a row.

I hate the way they have played the last couple of years, but THANK YOU Bob for allowing me to have a team to complain about.

I know there are many real good loyal fans in Hamilton, but apparently not enough. The CITY of Hamilton is proving they are less deserving of a team than Ottawa, maybe even a couple of other cities who never had a team yet. If there was ever one night that the people of hamilton, fans or not, should have filled the stadium, last nights game was it, regardless of the teams on or off field problems. The people of hamilton who did not show up last night, disrespected the hall of fame game, the hall of fame inductees, and most of all Ron Lancaster and his family. No excuse for it whatsoever, no matter how disatisfied they may be with the team, or security, or Bob young or whatever. Last night that stadium should have been filled.

Players get paid
Coach's get paid and get settlements
Vp's scouts get paid and get settlements
Presidents get paid and get jobs down south
The city gets paid
Hell even the Mascot gets paid.

Everyone except the #1fan. What's wrong with this picture.

I dont know, but give it a yr, the way things are going, and you can ask the same question without the number sign.

When Bob Young finally gives up on the tigercats, the CFL should give up on Hamilton.

Why do you come on Hamilton's fan site if that's the way you feel?

Because, up until last night, I had good feelings for Hamilton Ticats and Hamilton fans. Now I am fed up and disgusted.