The Undertaker Era: An Institutionalized Culture of Failure

Realistically speaking, I see the Cats as being incredibly close to being a solid team. Right now they seem to have no confidence which means no ability to deal with adversity. Also, the offensive coordinator has to be an idiot for not trying to get Lumsden into the game early. Don't give up on them cause things can turn around any time.

I don't know HOW YOU CAN GO AFTER BOB!! He's done everything possible to improve the team on and off the field.

Sure at the beginning he has some poor hires, but he's ADMITTED that. And now hired people that were/supposedly CFL experts and people we all APPLAUDED.

-- Charlie Taffe, Casey Printers, OBIE, Scott Mitchell.

And as a fan, all we ask is for an Owner to release some money to improve talent on and off the field. And BOB HAS DONE THAT and HOPEFULLY will probably CONTINUE to do that!

If I was Bob, I would obliviously FIRE THE PERSON(S) who have been advising Bob spend good money on the bad. And who has been asking Bob to spend money on the best talent available, YOU THE FANS!

You really think Bob likes putting a poor product on the field? No! You really think Bob likes that fact he team that he's spent millions on gets booed?

People you can't go after Bob. As far as I'm concerned, he's the BEST OWNER and MOST GENEROUS OWNER in the CFL.

As I highly doubt most other people would have continued to spend good money on bad luck choices and would have looked to dump the team long ago.

He should put the team up for sale on Kijiji

Your such a TOOL!

This team has been in a rebuilding phaze since Bobs year 1. Constant bad hire constant fluff with his owners updates. There are 3 things weong with this team. Head Coach. Offensive Co-ordinator and Defensive Co-ordinator.

8) I think you forgot, lack of quality players on that porous O line and pathetic D line also !!
 This team is going no where fast until those two major glaring problems are rectified  !!        <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

After yesterday's game you are worried about trolls?
What else are people supposed to post? Can't you accept that even the hardest of the hard-core fans have had enough?
If you are waiting for someone to say this team has great potential, that Charlie is a proven head coach, that there is still a chance to make the playoffs, we are re-building, we need more time could be a while.
And if there are...why not completely avoid reality and start your own thread to make yourselves feel better. :wink:

Good grief…I guess we did not have to wait long after all thanks to BigU. Almost word for word!
Maybe BigU is a troll :lol:

A top-flite receiver wouldn't hurt either. All their current guys are just fillers. Not one is a game breaker--the kind of guy who can make a difference by himself.

An Argo-Cat fan

I blame Bob for allowing some GM’s and Coaches to trade players who’s only wish was that they were sick of losing and wanted desperately to win by improving players attitudes, getting rid of butt heads that were defeated before they hit the field, and going after players that would improve the team. Of course their particular position as players were “a dime a dozen & easy to replace”[/u]

8) I agree barney, but until we get a real O line, it doesn't matter who we have as receivers, because the QB doesn't have a hope of getting the ball to them anyways, when he is lying on his back !!!

At the risk of getting kicked of this web site for perhaps a second time I like to remind all you krackers who bad mouth Bob Young - get a fricking life. I will repeat myself once agin - We would have absolutley NO FOOTBALL in Hamilton if Bob Young did not come a save our team. I gave my seasons tickets to my son-in-law who in turn took my grandson. I watched the game on TV with a buddy who like myself grew up in the hammer. I believe things will turn around - you got to believe and patience will be a virtue. So once agin to all the krackers who bad mouth Bob Young go watch the Leafs that’s a team that has done absolutley dooda since 1967. Bob brought back the noise the excitment to IWS just before the silence…

Somehow, when I saw the title of this thread, I was expecting a more elaborately constructed argument.

No one has been unfairly treated by this team more then Bob Young. Desjardins would be a close second.

Bob keeps signing the cheques and getting a dog and poney show from his football operations personel and Presidents. He has phenomenal resiliancy and patience. Not too many wealthy people would accept being part of such a failure and not bail.

He's made mistakes but really when you pay people top dollars to do a job and they serve you this day after day. I lift my fedora to the man...

So, the new logo, censoring the S word, merging this site with are the reasons behind the Cats abysmal record these past years? I heard the new dope is stronger, but I didn't think it could be that bad.

Bob made a couple bad personel decisions and it will take a few years to recover. This is greatly off-set by all the fantastic off-field decisions he made. Keep in mind the team was in receivership and on the verge of folding when he resurrected it. Frankly, bad CFL football is better than none so how about appreciating what you've got and giving thanks where due.

With Obie in charge now I'm confident we're on the right track. We have a young and talented group that needs upgrades at a few positions and time spent playing together.

Trading for Maas who showed up with a wounded throwing arm is either bad luck or bad cricket on the Eskies.

It's possible the three years holding a clip board in Kansas City built up rust on Printers that won't chip off. However, most every team in the CFL wanted to sign him so you can't blame the Cats for getting that deal done. Maybe if he had an OLine or OC competent enough to allow him a second read he would be at MVP level again.

Everyone's frustrated with the Cats record these past years; Bob included.

Bob's invovled for all the right reasons. But sadly, unless he's prepared to sign some pretty big cheques next year (read loose a boat load of money), this franchise is on the ropes. With three home games left, the Cats will be lucky if the combined attendance from all 3 games equals the home gate for one Eskimo home game. Next year, its logical to assume there will be fewer season ticket holders, and many of those that return will do so with a 25% credit. Unless the CATS cut costs considerably, they will be awash in red ink next year. As for the on field operation. Little reason to believe that it will anything other than year one of the next rebuilding operation...