The ULTIMATE topic for newcomers!

I agree with what you are saying T&T, but isn't it the job of the CFLpm to regulate the forum so those things don't happen ?

Well T&T and myself are moderaters

I kinda figured so with T&T. But that is good to know, thank you.

CFLpm has to supervise the whole site, and he takes care of all the major problems. He can't get into such micromanagement, because his day of work would never be over.

Ro1313, RedandWhite, Supertoe, Roughyfan, Gamebuster and myself have all been named moderators to help him out.

Among the powers that were given to us (edit topics, see through walls, understand women, etc.), the only one I want to use is the power of suggestion. It is not my job to erase threads, kick people and strike down upon thee with great vengeance and fuuuurious anger (Samuel L. Jackson, get out of this body).

So basically, I just try to make a point when I see something could be good for the forum and the huddlites that populate it.

.........I thought it was see through women and understand walls.......I better go check my moderator manual......

Your dyslexia is again up acting huh?

Hwo’s lexdysic?