The ULTIMATE topic for newcomers!

Ok. So you are a newbie. Theres nothing wrong with that. To the contrary, were always happy to see the huddle family get bigger. Welcome inside!

But here is something you should really know : a lot of topics were discussed before you got here times and times again.

Its not that we dont want to hear about them anymore. Its just that wed like to avoid getting 40 topics on the same subject, with only a few posts in each. So before you go on and start a new thread, wed appreciate if you could just scroll down a bit to see if the same topic is already existing. You dont need to go back all from the beginning, but just by scrolling down, you might see it.

Here are as an example an awful lot of topics that keep on popping up like mushrooms. These are so recurrent, you can hardly go back one or two pages before hitting a thread dedicated to them.

Threads related to users identity :

[url=] ... topic&t=15[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=110[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=200[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=553[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=542[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=345[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=809[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=467[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1258[/url]

Threads related to expansion :

[url=] ... opic&t=138[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=149[/url] [url=] ... topic&t=18[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=190[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=315[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=331[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=338[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=205[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=601[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=606[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=661[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=601[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=753[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=790[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=662[/url] [url=] ... topic&t=59[/url] (All-time record # of postings!) [url=] ... opic&t=893[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=872[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1456[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1418[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1525[/url]

Threads related to CFL video games :

[url=] ... wtopic&t=7[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=701[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1085[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1081[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=920[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1392[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1526[/url]

Threads related to the new jerseys :

[url=] ... opic&t=239[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=238[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=266[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=336[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=514[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=246[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=587[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=862[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=782[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=826[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1008[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1203[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1194[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1165[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1338[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1360[/url]

Threads related to rules changes :

[url=] ... opic&t=108[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=139[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=265[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=880[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=451[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=915[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1109[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1176[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=918[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1053[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1298[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1321[/url] [url=] ... pic&t=1461[/url]

Threads related to attendance (often vs population)

[url=] ... opic&t=421[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=465[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=659[/url] [url=] ... opic&t=882[/url]

Here are a few other topics that keep on coming back :

  • Bad reffing
  • All-star games / CFL vs. NFL games
  • Canadian QBs
  • Ricky Ray
  • Former American teams
  • Tom Wrights contractual situation
  • When will there be accurate and complete stats on
  • Rider fans are full of love

You want to invite everyone to pick this weeks winners? Thats all going on in a thread called : the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge. It has a weekly up-date and is always located above, in the sticky section.

You want to take part in a Fantasy CFL Pool? It is also already there in the sticky section.

So welcome in, have fun, and help us avoid filling the board with the same topics. 8)

Great post Third but I have a feeling it’s not gonna help but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

you should sticky it and keep it near the top

I Agree With Milkman, But From A Newcomers Point Of View, That's A Hell Of A Lot To Read. It Seems Like Something That Would Scare Off Anyone From Posting Till They've Seen All The Topic That This Board Has Had Sinc It Started (Which Is Actually A Surprising Lot)

its not that much. all the links just take up space

Okay newbies... One other thing Third & Ten loves expansion talk. A day doesn't go by that Third needs his expansion fix. So to help him along, make sure you create a new thread at LEAST once a day regarding expansion. By doing so, Third will be able to sleep comfortably at night. :twisted:

Owwww, I just bit my tongue while it was in my cheek!


Nice work!!!
I would have done it myself but im way to lazy

it would be nice if you could merge all of those threads, but nice post Third, it needed to be said

Third n ten, if there is a post thats been beat the death by u old vets...thats nice, but somebody new is not going to do a search of post for how ever long, they are going to type and ask peaple for info..thts the society we live in, quick info... nothing wrong with it...Don't police it, just use it.....oh by the way some of these topics will never go away, thts the nature of the game and web sight

So, what you are doing is discouraging people from using the forum, right ? If there is a topic which you don't want to answer, don't. Or, start a topic which hasn't been discussed yet. There are many options, no more reading the riot act. There is lots of room in cyber space for all of our topics. We are not going to run out of room. We want to encourage a solid and exciting fan base for the sport, which is struggling in some communities. Let's just have fun, and talk about the great game of football.

Kman7, words well spoken...hats off to you..

You are right that there is lots of room for all of our topics, which is why we dont need to rehash the old ones. I love to see new names on the board and I welcome their thoughts but I must admit that I let out a sigh when I see a new thread about a very old topic.

I have often said that people should post whatever they want and not only football topics but you have to admit 21 threads on expantion over 19 pages of threads is a bit much.

ro313, thats what this forum is about, expantion discussion will never go away....might be not discussed for period, but will re surface by some one wanting info or to discuss the issue.....and they will probably get it going with a new thread....

starting new threads for the same topic takes up alot of's just easier for newcomers to scroll down a page a post in the threads already on that topic.

the only problem is no one wants to discuss these issues except newcomers, and these threads are often lost on page 2 or 3.

Kman7 could not have said it any better myself.

I'd like to see the forum reorganized a bit. Namely:

-Have a section for all the teams (they've got this already)
-Have a section for all-around CFL chat, including:
-General CFL stuff (they've got this too)
-Hot topics (ie, everything listed above! A perma-thread for expansion, rules, refs, trashtalk, etc ... problem is ... what would be left for the general CFL thread? heh)
-NFL-bashing (just kidding)
-CFL-glorifying (also kidding)
-Have a section for junior and university football
-Have a section for hockey (yeah, this is a football site, but let's face it ... we're Canadian, and a hockey topic pops up every week anyway)
-Have a section for other sports (yes, they are out there)
-Have a section for general discussion (ie, stuff that isn't sports!)

Good research T & T! Must have taken all day.

Do you work for the Federal Gov't too? :wink:

Whoops, it's coffee break! 8)

Good work Third and Ten. Actually...lots of work. You must have done as much reading as War and Peace. Now lets hope nobody starts another thread like yours about existing threads. I can already see your reaction. :shock:

Blessed be the poster with amnesia.

I know. Some topics will never go away, and that’s just fine. When we’ll have a ten teams CFL, people will post threads about expansion to a twelve teams league. (And Kanga-Kucha won’t rest until there are 22 teams, so we’re in for quite some time :stuck_out_tongue: ) I do not wish to keep people from posting on a topic. I’m just asking if they could give a look down the front page to see if that topic is already there.

Nope. That’s exactly not what I’m doing. I say post. Post a lot and on all the topics you want, regardless of if it’s about football or not. But just try not to multiply threads about one subject.

If you need to scroll as far as a few pages to see if the topic already exist, then its okay to start something new. But if it’s only a few lines down there, avoid the repetition.

I remember a day when I got here, and there were three topics about expansion, three topics about Tom Wright’s contract and three topics about the Fiacconi/Mudge deal all on the front page of this forum. Come on! That means there could have been 6 interesting topics relegated to the next page (where hardly anyone goes) because too much space was dedicated to the same topics.

That’s exactly what I do. But it doesn’t change the fact that if 20 threads exist at once, each one will contain only bits of infos.

Technically, you are right. But pretty much all the topics that get bumped to the page 3 and further just die because no one goes as far as that behind to see what was discussed. So we really don’t need three times the same subject on page one.

And I really am not trying to police the forum. I couldn’t even if I wanted, anyways. I’m just trying to expose newcomers to what is a regular problem in here. With time, you’ll see what I meant…

Have a nice day.