The ULTIMATE Should he stay or should we go Thread

I vote he's gone! (Sorry Borehamgirl)

RIP Strummer

Bye, bye and good luck.

Keep borehamgirl's name out of this.

She has been the best supporter of the team through thick and thin.

If Ruffin can do the job next week, then yes. If Boreham does not do the job next week since Ruffin did not get the chance to, then a multiple boot might be in order.

Was it Jamie’s fault we lost…he didn’t call the prevent the TD defence 40 yards downfield when the Stamps only needed 20…

Oski Wee Wee,

:| One for five.....
  Practice Roster for now Jamie.

Keep trying :thup:

Backup kicker. I can hit line drive FGs 1 out of 8. While we're at it, Flemming should be benched or cut as well. He's useless. Along with 75% of the team. lol. whatever. Keep playing everyone and let's see another pathedic season. We're used to it.

So some of you want the kicking job handed to Jonathan Ruffin
without competing for it all week in practice

for no other reason than he is not Jamie Boreham?

Bye the way, his leg isn't as strong as Jamie's is
and past 40+ yards his success rate drops off dramatically.


Logic dictates that we let these 2 kickers compete.

Why is it so unreasonable to release Boreham outright?
Obviously great practices over two seasons dont result in clutch punting or kicking.
Obviously him just sitting on his duff watching Ruffin play wont make him better because he said he can only push himself.
He promised us all he would redeem for last week and he goes out and chokes
What bloody good is it having him around?
He is an albatross around the neck of this franchise.

Thanks Sig. I appreciate that. Much as I enjoy the attention, I'm not sure that my option brings anything to the poll except a bit of mockery but oh well.

Ron you make a very valid point, something about competition. I have to say that it would be nice if perhaps guys were allowed to compete for a job without having the new guy being touted as the Second coming of Christ (ask Danny McManus how that feels). Anyway choosing the best man for the job is the only option. (I still think that will be Boreham and i don't care what anybody thinks about that)

I agree, Ron. That is what I was referring to when I wrote about Ruffin starting "if he does the job next week." He has to earn it at practice.

Oski Wee Wee,

I've got a chicken in the barn with a leg that can kick straighter than Jamie Boreham. He's waiting for a phone call. :cowboy:

But can the chicken do it at PRACTICE?

give him one more game...if he doesn't improve then Calgary can take him home with them. :cowboy:

how many more field goals does boreham have to miss before everyone realizes he is junk?If you cant kick a 42 yard field goal then we dont need you.He's had 3 games to prove himself and he hasnt shown anything.We can get any average kicker off the street to do what he's doing,but we dont need average we need somebody who is consistent and Jamie is not he is a below average kicker who cost us another chance of winning.I no its not all him but when your asked to kick a 42 yard field goal near the end of the game,you better get it done.Do your job Marshall and get rid of him,he is junk.

Ruffinitgirl is available as a nick... :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,