The UFL is coming back but the CFL has gained a lot more cre

The UFL may be coming back but as an NFL bubble free agent in the NFL the CFL has proven to be a better choice. Better Stadiums, better TV coverage, paychecks are assured and the league is not going anywhere. The UFL and the USFL will be subpar choices to the CFL for all of these choices

Good points steve.
The UFL may be hard pressed to open the new season in September due to continuing financial difficulties and fielding only 4 teams while the USFL is a nascent retread without any confirmed teams as of yet thus the CFL is certainly the most credible football league as well as the longest serving.

Even so, the differential nuances in the CFL will not necessarily guarantee on field success for many NCAA or NFL free agents as past history dictates.

So true. Just ask RICKY WILLAMS.


You hear it all the time from CFL fans when someone who does not or cannot make the NFL goes up to Canada and does poorly there .. could it be perhaps that maybe they were not that good to begin with?

I guess whatever makes ya feel better but you can talk about differences in the game so what big deal .. bigger field hmm well 10 yards is not really a huge deal how many running steps is that ? wider ... well more room

rule differences have no impact on physical capabilities

the differences are just playing adjustments and some learning the differences but as a whole they are not THAT much different

so when you mention people not making or keeping their NFL jobs and moving up to Canada to try it out and not making it there you have to first ask .. maybe they are just not that good to begin with

Agree dawg, differences not that much different. My wife, when I got her into watching football, the first year didn't even notice a difference watching the games, CFL and NFL, on TV until I started pointing the differences out. Well, she noticed the stadiums were bigger and fancier and usually more packed than CFL stadiums but other than that nothing until I started pointing things out. From a rookie spectator's view at any rate.

Have to agree with that take as well.

The United Football League is NOT a good football league. At least not right now it's not. They have financial issues and they have yet to play a FULL season. Anyone that is serious about a professional football career would obviously steer clear of the UFL. The only people that league is going to bring in are players that are well past their prime or backup to the backup NCAA players that the CFL doesn't even have a slight interest in.

This being said, I think the UFL sees this. That is why players will now be able to sign with Arena League and Canadian Football League teams.

ahem 2009 and 2010, both of which saw the Tuskers in the big dance…

If they were spring and early summer leagues they would do good.I will say the talent level is the same as the CFL or even a little better.These players are from NCAA teams that make up the best players from the CFL and NFL rosters.A game between one of these teams and a CFL would be close

Yeah, and I am sure the best players are from Ohio and live near you too! :roll:

Get real the UFL sucks butt! And you mean to tell us you actually watch those games?

The good ones are only there because they want to be closer to their families instead of in Canada.

Otherwise they'd be off to the CFL assuming they were even good enough to make a team but for a few import ratio casualties.

There is something in the water where you live in Ohio for sure.

Dawg's comment is true. Also consider that a few of the imports cut from the CFL, sometimes due to tough ratio factors, are actually fine players such that they end up on any given CFL or NFL roster the next season.

UFL talent is better than the CFL?

The majority of NCAA players that do not make an NFL or CFL squad are relegated to less established football leagues with much lower salaries.

for instance, top tier players in the UFL make approx. $35,000 while ST players make approx. $25,000 per season.
Top tier quarterbacks in the CFL can pull in between $250,00-500,000 per season while coaches/GM's/management etc etc could make similar salaries, and usually more than most players.

If a QB in the UFL was good enough to play in the CFL and offered a salary in the hundreds of thousands, why opt to play for mere crumbs in the UFL?

perhaps the said player is not qualified for the job.

When you add th IMPORT rule that evens things up alot.The CFL isnt strong as you think dude.

The import rule though makes the CFL more important here than without it, it increases the motivation for development of players in Canada to be able to succeed beyond the college or junior level. Without it, the CFL rosters would be made up of more Americans who are just flown in to fill rosters.

The UFL's talent level isn't anywhere near the CFL.

Pro football leagues, by talent level, go like this...

Arena League

How many UFL players would be on CFL rosters if their wasnt a IMPORT RULE?I bet quite a few so the talent is just is good or even greater

I would guess probably two per season, perhaps including a CFL cut who was an import and timing casualty, at most.

The financial draw of the CFL as compared to the UFL, let alone I bet better benefits in Canada too, will get the eye of many a 24- or 25-year old cut from NFL training camps or practice rosters a few times.

Oh yeah and we cannot repeat often enough that the UFL SUCKS of course.

regardless of the ratio, the best imports (generally 22-26 imports per CFL team) are superior to UFL talent, otherwise the top tier UFL players would have those specified CFL import positions.

The CFL rules do not make that much difference. If you are a good football player you can adjust to any rule or field size change. Ricky Ray went from arena 1 to the CFL.
The CFL and UFL take from the same pool of US players so I would consider them equal in talent. The difference is that the CFL will draw from a pool of players who have gottten through there rookie contract and/or have exhausted all of there practice squad eligibility moving there careers North with no intention of coming back to the CFL. There are some rookie who are pointed to the CFL from coaches, current players, or agents that have ties to the CFL with the thought that they may play well enough to gain the NFLs attention and if not a CFL career is a pretty good pro football gig.
The UFL is made widely of players who have been released from NFL teams during training camp and are out of or not given a practice squad spot. There intention is to fully make it back to the NFL within the next two years and either give up on football or try their trade in the CFL. The UFL is like a holding place for players that are caught in the Middle. It took the place of the former Arena football league where the pay and talent level was of the CFL as many players bounced back and forth.
In 2009 when the top Arena league lcked out its players and shut down. The Arena league now has come back as the minor arena2 league which the playing level is below the CFL and UFL as is the pay scale. Players go here to improve their skills with hopes tha an NFL or CFL team take interest. Most Arena players are 1-3years out of college id they have not bee given the oppuritunity by then it is time for them to retire from football.

  1. NFL
  2. Arena from 2010 -

No Steve – the better talent goes to Canada rather than to the UFL, but otherwise I agree with you.

The UFL after its failed few seasons for games no one cares about and now with four teams?

I’m not so sure there are not a few arena guys who could be in the UFL but choose not to bother.

The UFL? BAH! GET REAL! :lol: