The two-headed monster, redux

Watching my PVR of the game last night...loved to see Cobb and Thiggy on the field at the same time.

More impressively, the use of both running backs as downfield targets in the passing game caused huge matchup headaches, particularly re Thiggy. No Als LB can keep up with him! Running a crossing pattern or a wheel route with these guys causes the D to be in chase mode. It opens up seams that we've simply neglected with the usual dump-offs and flares underneath routine.

Simply put, LBs have to respect the threat more and it can cause hesitation re blitz calls by the opposing DC. If Gibson doesn't assimilate that and incorporate it as a feature in our gameplanning every week, I will freak. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,


As soneone else mentioned, the offensive and defensive looks are getting more creative and appear to be 'ramping up" as we enter the playoffs.

How do you defend the two headed monster? I love it!

It's the fact it creates uncertainty if plays are added to the package. Play action no longer looks the same (i.e. a fake to Cobb out of the same shotgun formation). Glenn's fakes can be misdirections to either side and his launch point can move accordingly. Effectively you cause one LB to become a spy in that situation. It means that the intermediate zones open up since the LBs will have to honour play action, creating bigger seams to attack between the LBs and DBs.

The entire scenario can help our run game as well if the trickery is accentuated.

Thiggy IS the linchpin to all this. He was a receiver in college. All I ask for is 5-10 plays a game where he is used as a downfield receiving threat, either lined up in the backfield or motioned out to the slot. More is more when a gamebreaker gets his chance to attack in space!

Oski Wee Wee,


Receiving states for our two backs from last night:

                   No     YD    Lng  TD

COBB, D 4 73 31 0
THIGPEN, M 2 63 41 0

A 24.3 YPC average on six receptions. It’s called GASHING the opponent.

Oski Wee Wee,


This should help our critical short yardage plays also. Running Cobb straight ahead from shotgun doesn't work.