The Two Halves of Ti-Cat Football

my expert game analysis is that 50% of offensive game for hamilton is the result of bad decisions by the refs. 49.9% is luck. .1% of the offeinsive is pure sypathy by defences

I see what happens when a 10 year old in wet pampers does on a computer give it a rest.

hey wigman152 so whos your favourite team the Colts. Oh Wait the Colts are in the NFL but you probably wouldnt know that considering your "expert game analysis is just horribly wrong. Maybe you should get your lazy @$$ off off the couch get the remote thats 5 yards away and switch to a Hamilton game and watch one.

No, The Hamilton Tiger Cants suck completely, absolutely and with categorical unequivocation.

I am not a Cats fan and I can tell you they do not suck they have been in every game other then the last one. They just do not have luck on their side. This team is far from sucking. They will end this soon do they play the riders one more time if not then yes luck is not on your side.

Well unfortunately I am a fan and I can assure you that the team sucks. Last in every offensive category. Less than 15 points per game averaged and no sign of hope on the horizon. Brady is a bust. He can't throw downfield with any accuracy. We can't tackle anybody. Stokes made them all look like a bunch of little fairies. He carried the whole ticat secondary on his back the final 10 yards of an astonishing running play to the end zone. No running game. No blocking for the running game. Davis just fumbles and gets stacked up the line. The coaches are a damned disgrace that got us into this refined mess. Excuse my negativity, but I can tell you one thing with deadly certainty. THEY SUCK!

didn't i tell you that 50% of the ticats offence is luck. this guy claims they dont even have that. thats why they suck so much. Bombers Rule!!!

Sorry wiggie only one thing sucks and that is your posts.

thats a terrible comeback