The Turning Point

The Tiger-Cats have five games remaining in the 2016 season and we currently sit in second behind Ottawa by one point and two up on Toronto for the race in the east.

I have to wonder after watching the past few games since our come from behind victory on Labor Day against Toronto if this team is ready this year to make a conservative effort at the playoffs and potential Grey Cup appearance in the east?

I understand we once again have many injuries this year however the team should be able to provide adequate replacement players to fill the void and I think it comes down to the players, if they really want it or not?

It seems in the east division this season that no team is really interested in taking control compared to the west where Calgary is pretty much running away with the lead followed by BC and Winnipeg and even Edmonton is in lead for the crossover but the eastern teams seem less interested this year?

I believe Hamilton has a great opportunity this season if they can just get their mind set on winning, get away from stupid penalties and learn to play solid team football again, it takes a total team effort by all involved to win as a team and the good teams like Calgary find ways to win.

Hopefully we can turn the corner this week at home to Calgary, Yes it's a long-shot but still doable as any team can win in the CFL at any time. The Cats need to be well prepared, disciplined and focus on the game at hand and of course we have the hometown fans to back them up this week, be loud and proud.

We have Calgary this week, a bye week than back to back against Ottawa and home to Edmonton and Montreal lets try and pull off a few wins in the next five and get that playoff position in the east, either first or second, it all starts with Calgary.


I think the only corner that will be turned on Saturday will be outside the dressing room door and toward the airport to get the bye week underway.

Lets wait and see, it's definitely up to the players if they want to win bad enough or not and now is the right time to get the team moving in the right direction.

Last game against Calgary we only lost by a score of 30 to 24 and this week we have the Stamps at home, if the Cats want to win bad enough they could and make a good run towards the playoffs in the east in the last five games of the season.


There was an earlier post asking the question as to what the 'Cats final regular season record would be. I think it was posted when there were 8 games remaining in the season. At that point in time I thought at least a .500 record was possible now I don't think an 8-10 record is unrealistic or maybe even a 7-11 record. I hope I'm wrong but I see no indication that this team is turning the corner injures not withstanding.