Feeling a bit cranky this morning. I want to ask a question. Does anybody know what a 'turning point' is any more?

For a number of games TSN 1150 has declared the "turning point" to be the final play of the game. It's pretty hard to place a pivot at the end of a lever.

Last night? The Carter bobble that led to the interception stands out in my mind. Our TD on 3rd and 2 was a big play but with just a first down there we might have gone on to score anyway.

A turning point is a moment when the game pivots.... it changes character.... momentum shifts decisively or some incredible play happens that decides the outcome. A game winning field goal is NOT a turning point.

Rant over. Old man satisfied. Time for another coffee. :slight_smile:

Turning point to me was Montreal fumbling the ball away. Hard one for an Argo fan to cheer for anyone. Montreal couldn't score a td and looks like they'll continue to struggle but I'm shocked that it came down to that fieldgoal. Hamilton continues to floor me as they should be way better then they are showing.

I agree. We have to do much better against the weak sisters.

Either Carter's terrible drop or Montreal's badly executed third-down sneak. But TSN probably wants to highlight positives rather than negatives. Both of those plays were Montreal breakdowns, not great plays by Hamilton.

Can I pick a whole 10-minute stretch as a "turning point"?

I thought the first two drives of the third quarter - interrupted only by a single offensive play by Montreal where Lewis fumbled - really set the tone for the rest of the game. No TDs scored but obviously every point ended up mattering in this one. More importantly we established the line of scrimmage, pounded it down their throats, wore out the D a bit, and took some pressure off Zach by making them pay attention to our running game. And of course 10 minutes with the ball in our hands kept the bad guys from scoring.

We came out in the third quarter still behind by a point and needed to send a message that this game is ours.

I would say you are right, I think without the botched 3rd down or that deflection for the int, the Als win this game.
You could even say that the offside call against the Als when it was 2nd and 6 with less than 2 minutes left.

A couple of references in this thread to " The Carter bobble that led to the interception" and "Carter's terrible drop."
On the interception, by E. Davis, in the last 3 mins. of the first half, it was Cunningham #85 who missed the catch. Carter #89 was a few yards further down field and, I'm sure, would have caught the tipped ball if Davis hadn't stepped in front him, as he (Carter) waited for the ball to reach him. The terrible drop by Carter must be the one with less than 10 min. left in the game which occurred because he did a hotdog jump, as though the pass was high, when it wasn't. IMO though, neither were the turning point. The early turning point, to me, was the long pass to Owens, after a good, reversing direction, punt return by Banks, late in the first half. But the main one would have to was Zach's great pass / Andy's good catch that put us on their 20 with a minute left in the game. Honourable mention also to the extra effort Scheuerman put in on more than one key running plays.

Interesting note: If you didn't watch the post game interview with Scheuerman, it's pronounced "SHOY-er-man."

Correct. Cunningham also coughed up one of the fumbles. He really helped our team's cause last night. Made me glad Cato threw mainly to him - almost as though he was feuding with a couple of his other receivers.

For me, the turning point was Ted Laurent's tackle of the QB behind the line of scrimmage on second and one.

That play forced Montreal to kick and gave the Ticats the ball for the final drive and the winning FG. Without that play, Montreal have the ball, and the chance to march downfield and score the winning points in the last minute.

The Turning Point(s) were the Toronto and Ottawa Loses! :rockin:

I started it. :oops: :oops: :oops:

A good choice. Instead of their FG, on the following play with 3-1/2 minutes remaining, the MTL drive would have continued and taken away some that time and may have resulted in a TD, putting them ahead by 4. Then the Cats would have had to get a TD, in less time, on their final drive because, in part, of their unexplainable decision to not attempt a 2-pt. convert, when their only TD, back in the 2nd QTR, had them trailing by 2. I can't believe the coaches don't have a chart, on the sideline, to make the "1 or 2" decision after a TD automatic and pre-determined. But, it's obvious, they don't. It's really simple ......

When a TD puts us DOWN by .......
1 -- kick for 1
2 -- go for 2
3 -- kick for 1
4 -- kick for 1
5 -- go for 2
..... and so on, with another chart for "UP by."

How about the fact they started two new Americans on the O line. :thup:
The Canadian content thing sucks big time.

Just one -- Terrence Campbell @ left tackle. That was a coaches' decision to replace Simmons.
The other OL change for this game was Revenberg, a Canadian, starting in Dyakowski's spot at left guard.