The turnaround starts today!

It just does, too many talented professionals on that field for this not to be corrected.
Hamilton - 24
Edmonton - 10

:thup: :rockin: GET-ER-DONE :cowboy:

Let’s Go Boys! We need this W today!

The Bombers lose big time and stay behind us and the Argo’s will lose to the Leo’s!
Cowbells will be ringing for you guys! :rockin:

I think fans will be watching the D-line and the new additions with some interest. Changes there may lead to changes for the good in wins and losses.

Oski Wee Wee !!

I would like nothing better but to eat crow if Creehan can get his defence to be a key reason in the season turnaround for the team's fortunes.

Crow isn’t too bad actually, had it in Cuba the last time I vacationed there in '07 :thup:

Oskie WA WA!

I hope George Cortez pulls out all the stops today......Avon, Stala etc. We HAVE to win.

Good luck!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

It wouldn't be eating crow at all, there's nothing wrong with being PO'd, frustrated and looking for answers after a five game slide. Maybe Creehan changes something up, maybe the players overcome even a coach and get his plan to work, however it happens today has to be the day.

I doubt this team holds anybody to 10 points all season. We made a 3rd string QB look like Joe Namath. But they have to win today. If they don't, all they have to do is watch film of Winnipeg's bench from last night to see what they'll be going through for the rest of the year. That team has given up.

And perhaps a challenge flag at the right time.... :wink:

Hamilton, 35
Edmonton, 32

Hamilton, 35
Edmonton, 32

With Shaw missing the game-tying FG?

The turnaround starts today?

Well 2ndandwrong, after that rather convincing win, you may be onto something! :slight_smile:

How bout holding someone to 8.....

when the D can do that to some team other than esk or bombers, then ticats will be a team to be feared.

That crow is remarkably easy to eat. :lol:

Watched the game this morning (had to work yesterday :frowning: ) now that's the way to start our march to the Grey Cup!!!!!! :rockin: Keep playing like that no one can beat us. :cowboy: