The TSN Rodney Dangerfield Defensive Award...

Calgary's D definitely deserves more respect, but that would require the media to actually do their homework instead of just spouting the same factoids week after week.

May I remind you those line backers in your line up were your first stringers? The point is every team has injuries in positions that weaken a team. The riders replacement receivers played well before what happened did they go for coffee last night.
So it is okay to mention your recievers are injured but when we mention that we are hurting in middle line backer area that is not okay. I see you want the cake and eat it all too.

Exactly to think that Armour is playing out of position to replace the two guys that would normally be in there and still have a great defense. The two clowns for TSN doing the paly by play have a love affair going with the riders that is pretty plain to see.

I was only referring to receivers there no where in that post did I mention the linebackers. I don't see where I said it was not okay to mention the injury at MLB.. once again you are reading something that is not there.

Your statment about the Stamps relying on one man it is plain as day. Maybe you should read what you post.

C’mon 05, you quoted the post where I said taking your top 3 receivers out your lineup, where does that say anything about your linebackers? Yes, I referred to that in a discussion with R&W, but it has nothing to do with what we are discussing-- you are reading something that isnt there.

I feel your pain. My Als lead the league in sacks yet it was only last week that the media started to talk about our front-four. We've had so many injuries in our secondary (Estelle, Drew, Boulay, Hendrix, Proulx), yet no one gives us any credit for continuing to play well on D -- heck, no one EVEN MENTIONS THAT WE HAVE INJURIES. You know who our starting safety was supposed to be this season? Mathieu Proulx. You know how many games he's played? ONE. He's been injured the rest of the time. In the starting safety spot, we've used Proulx, Joel Wright, Pascal Masson, and Chris Smith.

But God forbid we stop talking about the Riders' injury situation for two seconds to mention that other teams are dealing with injuries too.

Switching from SAM linebacker to MLB is no joke.

...correction noted on the injury comment sambo, thanks....