The Truth

the truth of the matter is that even though the Cats didn't win they are putting up a fight. last night's game came close. it was a great football game overall. I'm a season ticket holder for the Cats and would have loved to see a win, but the journey to a win can be just as great as the win. we know that we can win, based on our preseason games. I'll be at the next game cheering the cats on. just thought this board could use a positive outlook.

the cats wont win until they cut boreham.

Enough. Boreham missed ONE kick last night and suddenly he's the fall boy. Let's face it, Kavis Reed and our Offensive Coordinator Joe PaoPao let us down.

Boreham needs to go, but he's only one piece of the puzzle and you reiterating that he needs to leave in every thread makes you 1 thing:

A troll.

so what! he shouldnt be missing ne kicks! he gets paid to make kicks, why would we wanna give him a second chance to loose more games forus... kickers r so important to a team, in the nfl, if a kick misses three in one game hes fired that day!, but hey cuz we r candian we give them 5 or 6 more tries.. n what happends.. we loose!

In fairness to Jamie his misses are coming from the hashmarks, which are very difficult kicks in this league. An American kicker will not have a clue on how to adjust to those extreme angles. On second down there should have been a running play to center the ball, another mistake from Joe.