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on why redwhite05, has a hate on for Taman, he couldnt have him for his own.

Meet the candidates

By DAN TOTH – Calgary Sun

The favourite catch phrase around McMahon Stadium these days is: “We’re going to move forward.”

Calgary Stampeders owner Michael Feterik is moving forward, saying his football team is no longer for sale.

New president/CEO Ron Rooke is moving forward, settling into a job he’s dreamed about for years.

Former placekicker, turned executive, turned placekicker Mark McLoughlin is moving forward, trading in dress shoes for a familiar pair of cleats.

But it would seem head coach Jim Barker could be left in the dust.

With the club announcing Monday it has started its search for a general manager – Barker need not apply – the first-year coach must be scratching his head.

Coupled with yesterday’s Calgary Sun story revealing McLoughlin’s claim Barker might have breached his contract with public statements about ownership and the door might be open for not only a new GM but a head coach, too.

Rooke, of course, can’t talk to CFL personnel who are still in the playoffs but with the Grey Cup being handed out in less than three weeks, a new man could be in place within a month.

It’s standard operating procedure for any new GM to hand-pick his own coach.

Barker’s exemplary credentials, despite a 5-13 season, might still make him the best candidate but it’s becoming apparent the club is paving the way for the new GM to hire his own on-field general.

“I might still be the right guy for the job,” Barker insisted yesterday.

“Now that Ron’s our president, he’ll be making all the decisions and when we get a new general manager, he’ll be the one I’ll be dealing with on a daily basis.”

Barker also points out he has two years remaining on his pact and both Rooke and Feterik have publicly stated he’s still their man.

“The owner and the president have both said they want me to be here,” Barker said.

But rumblings about breached contracts conjure up images of high-priced lawyers with magnifying glasses, intently searching for a loophole.

“Mark and I talked with Jim about the quote behind closed doors,” Rooke said.

Rooke added he still hasn’t looked at Barker’s contract but said he discussed it yesterday with McLoughlin and Feterik.

Now there are reports Winnipeg’s sharp, young vice-president of player personnel, Brendan Taman, is a top candidate to head Calgary’s rebuilding project with elder statesman of the coaching fraternity, Dave Ritchie, possibly coming along for the ride. Ritchie, who has one year remaining on his contract, might find himself under fire should the Bombers make a quick exit from the playoffs.

Taman is so highly regarded, however, he could have more than one team calling when top CFL management jobs become available.

Ritchie, of course, has almost unlimited coaching experience with 17 seasons in the CFL, the last five as head coach of the Blue Bombers. In 2001, he won the CFL coach of the year award and would be qualified to handle both the GM and head coaching roles.

But would a man of Ritchie’s age – he’s 64 – and experience want to come to Calgary in light of everything that’s gone on here? And don’t think he hasn’t called close pal Wally Buono to check how deep his scars are after his time under the current owner.

Taman has connections within the Stampeders coaching staff, making it easy to kick the franchise’s tires before daring to sit behind the wheel.

Edmonton Eskimos defensive co-ordinator Greg Marshall is another prime candidate as Calgary’s new GM, although his name has already been mentioned in Hamilton should Ron Lancaster not return, as expected.

How about a Tom Higgins/Marshall combo moving down Hwy. 2 once the Grey Cup is handed out next month?

Higgins’ days in Edmonton might be numbered should the Esks fail to bring home the hardware again this fall. He held several coaching posts over a nine-year span in Cowtown (1985-93).

As for Rooke’s replacement as Stamps director of media relations, Shawn Coates of the Blue Bombers is a good bet.

“If I was offered that job, I would give it serious consideration,” said Coates, a full-time staffer with the Bombers regarded as one of the best in the league at his job.

“With Ron’s promotion, there’s nowhere to go but up for the Stamps and they have a really bright future.”

Coates, a friend of Rooke’s, said he hasn’t been contacted by the Stamps and doesn’t expect to hear from the club until after Winnipeg’s playoff run is over.

Stamps community relations man Kelsey Goldade could also be promoted into Rooke’s empty chair.

RICH GET RITCHIE … Speculation in CFL circles yesterday listed Winnipeg Blue Bombers brain trust Dave Ritchie and player personnel guru Brendan Taman among worthy candidates to carry the wounded Stamps back to glory.

Stiring the pot a bit Piggy? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I can't wait to see 2005's comeback to this one!

:lol: :lol: :lol: old news there piggy and that was speculation out of Manitobia not here. Also note who was the owner if that is not funny in itself. Fetrik is such a good football man :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats see Jim BArker has the job not B Taman the stand in for Ronald McDonald.

Old news yes, but regression therapy can be quite liberating and often exposes the root of the problem. But it appears your stamps didnt learn from their past hiring mistakes. Like putting lipstick on a pig…gy.

Like putting lipstick on a
you speak from experience???

I do not know where you are going here piggy but something tells me the lipstick is by that curly tail of yours and you are chasing your tail. :lol:

Lets start your therapy today, session one, a deep hatred towards the bombers rooted in Taman, who as your Calgary reporter noted was one of the most sought after young talents in the league, snubs the stamps to remain in winnipeg as the gm while ritchie takes a few years off with health issues only to return with his buddy wally in bc. Instead you end up with eskimo tailings in higgins. You can dress it up as a new direction for the club but in the end it is same old show.

Again look at who was looking at bringing the loser to cowtown Mike Feterik now do I need to say more. Therapy that is for the Bomber fans stuck with this loser. Since that time as you might know we now have smart people owning the team. Heck Shivers would get the nod over Taman

My hatred for the bombers is a bit harsh just say I am not a fan of the bombers leave the dislike to Taman. The fans are great! They just do not see Taman as other fans do. I mean you have to admit this year will be the first time in how many years he is going to have a free agent camp? Why was this not done two years ago so that just maybe he could have built a winner for the GC in Winnipeg. No he does it after the fact. Yep Piggy in your eyes this Taman guy is brilliant! Keep it up in a couple of years your team will still be no where and you will say the same thing. Was it not you that bugged the Rider fans about being complacent! Happy to be medicore. Really I would like to see a bomber team get better it is good for the CFL and the same with the Riders, If for anything it would be pay back for the very good fans for both those teams. Again your team is as good as its recruitment and upper management. I felt that Taman is a deteriment to that suceeding in my opinion. Ask sporty he would agree. But you go ahead keep treading blindly ahead. I am not here to change your mind you will not do that so you form your opinion again in the future and then tell me. The Bombers appeared once in a GC under Taman and fell short. Is that it? Is that Taman's legacy? Possibly! Most likely!

Oh, hit a nerve on that one.

Session two, what is the one thing that has remained from the circus years in Calgary with the present football operations group......

I guess that would be the fans. They stayed even during those years so that would have to be it. If you are refering to Barker well you are wrong the Feteriks let him go and he was a very valuable asset with his connections to colleges in the states. Does Taman know where the States are has he left Winnipeg ever?
Session Three please the first two had no grounds that move this along.

....."no grounds".....kinda like every freakin' troll post you slag on drumkit, eh? What's good for the goose is good for the gander, red.....

Whats that JM02 I think you may have it wrong but that does not really suprise me. Piggy and I are having fun. He is trying to come up with something negative about the Stamps and well he has failed so far. As Far as your best friend Drumkit he is the slagger. He is not envolved in a thread yet he some how comes in to make a personal comment about me. If he stops so will I or is it true certain mods and I will not name them have their favorites on here? Just a question not to be taken personally.

What is this, kindergarten? "Your best friend.....if he stops so will I.....certain mods have their favourites".....are you competing for some sort of attention here or something? That train of thought is simply juvenile.

And I'm sure drumkit is the instigator all the time....yes, yes, he's the one who continually brings up the annoying "cut and paste" quips.....right.....

Of course the fans have remained that goes without saying, and I actually forgot about Barker being there, no the one thing that is constant is the end result. The bitterness of another dissappointing season after such promise.

LOL, I'm not sure there was alot of "promise" with Door Matt Dunnigan being the General Manager, Head Coach, and Offensive Coordinator. Not to mention an owner who was more interested in watching his son play quarterback for his "toy" team from his luxury box, than actually fielding a competetive team. There were rumours that Feterik flat out refused to allow Dickenson to sign back in Calgary, when he returned from the NFL, even though he was willing to sign for less in cowtown. His son would have never seen a down if that had happened. Much more playing time for sonny boy, if Crandel is your starting QB. And who can forget the team naming its kicker as its interim president? And who can forget the owner naming his good buddy Fateri as GM, who knew more about Italian leather shoes than the CFL? The list of comedic gaffe's was never ending.

No, I don't think that stamps fans had very high hopes for their team towards the end of the F-troop era.

It is funny you return to the class room for your memories. I would love to continue this chat with you JM02 but this is not the place. If you wish to further this subject matter feel free to PM me. That just might be the right thing to do is it not JM02. Or again do you wish to protect your friend as a mod.

Thanks for the most generous offer, but I'll pass on the private messaging with you.....please do not presume to know who my friends are and are not, as you are certainly in no position to do so.

I thought it was obvious but again why bother discussing this on here!

Disappointing! I do not think so I can not say for all Stamp fans but I thought the season was exciting and entertaining. The gravy is when a team makes it to the Grey Cup. Only two teams can do that so in your terms would that mean everyone's season was disappointing because they did not make it tot the big game. I guess it would be for the Bomber fans because they were hosting the game. I guess it was disappointing for the Eskies first time missing the playoffs in 34 years. The Stamps I believe are developing into a good team and we will see wha this year brings. Disappointed not for me piggy. The same with your team. They did improve and may look like the team to beat in the east are you disappointed? :lol:

Thanks Larry for those great :oops: memories rubbing the salt in the wounds :lol: but you are correct. And it was not a rumor about Dickenson he did want to play here for much less then he signed in BC. Matt did some good things but I think he was left to out to dry. He had so many hats he could not do all the jobs that were laid at his feet. I think Matt will make a good assistant coach first then when he learns he will make a good HC. But to have all those roles well it was to much. Yes the kicker for President routine that was a comedy for sure. There was so much decension in the locker room it was not funny. Ya the good old days. But you know the fans stayed true to the team and that speaks highly for the Stamp fan. I believe you will see the same result in Edmonton this year with them missing the playoffs last year will not hurt one bit.