The Truth Hurts

The truth is this team does not not compete financially. They signed Printers and needed community help. The defencive backfield is a puppy mill for American DB's who will play for 30,000 or less. I have seen this mess now for the last five years and if Mr Young can't do it on his own its time for a community partnership. We need a infusion of experienced CFL people ASAP no matter what the cost. For the record roll right and throw backside is nothing short of high school junk but works great against our piece of &*^%$$ defense backfield. Also for the record the fifth quarter is a joke, I wish just once they would actually support the fans who have supported worst five years of football you could imagine.

Is that you Rebounder?

Yeah the truth does hurt, are you ready for it. whats wrong with Ticat football lives right here within this witch hunt we call a forum.What rock you under to suggest a community partnership !! .. Gee been there tryed it all Pal .. didnt work ! Those who speak of the passion of Ticats fans are wrong dead emtpy totally wrong, passion is what you see in places like Regina or closer by even Buffalo my friends, in Hamilton we have the diehards, the 13000 that have been there all along. What scares me is the 13000 are most likey the ones on here fueling the witch hunts. Bob Young brought respectability to this club, see it how you wish but the bussiness of football got alive and well with his arrival, 13000 to 25000 thats not bad bussiness my friends.I read this forum and not all but most find its purpose to be a fire this guy fire that guy page. Well today I'd like to fire you for being the worst fans in sports.

No arguement here. A pathetic attempt to field a team. Steve Milton posted an article in the Spectator yesterday and it pretty well sums up the current situation. I beleive Taaffe thought he could assemble some of his buddies from the south and this team would be a success. Only probem is, they have NO CFL experience. Yes Charley,they have coached for many years,and if they were good coaches some thing should have changed.

This team is only eight years removed from its last Championship. Not 20 years not 40 years not 100 years !!!! its 8 short years ago folks. What kind of fans are you. How many times have you heard the story of a player tenth year of his career and he finally makes it to the show. For a pro football player and the lifetime comittment made, we as fans should be able to do 8 years standing on our head !! .. lets get behind this for a change, lets realize we arent everything we claim to be as fans and learn from the best patient fans out there, as management did with the team on the field we now need to do the same with the 13th man ... BLOW IT UP

Any city could put a good team together if players want to play here!It is very clear players dont. Thats not the fans fault, but only the offices for making a bad image of them selfs!

Justdoit, your right and wrong, I agree some players dont wont to come here, thanks to the fans. This forum is a hate page for most and has to change, ever thought of just why other teams forums are not all that busy ? .. Maybe a higher class of fans live in those cities ?

It's great to have a busy forum: it means the fans have passion and care about their team - even the wrongly-named "haters". If the forum was quiet, that means we accept losing and mediocrity, and dont care.

The players are the stewards of the TiCat tradition: I doubt they will avoid Hamilton because of some hostile fans.

justafan define respectability?

i have nothing to do with this thread yet the rebounder theory is alive and well, brings a tear to my eye.

I dont hate anybody! I just call a ace an ace. By the way I have had season tickets with the ticats for over 17 years. Never stopped going to games, had lots of chances to see other things but still come the games! There is so much class alone in Hamilton you could never afford to be included! Passion ,Loyalty, and integrity the fans have! Your hate words go no where!

Respectability ... to field a team each season without the fear of bankrupcy, to have a home that welcomes visitors rather then scare them away. thanks to Bob Young

Hate is a harsh word indeed, but when the personalities of others are questioned and name calling takes place, feelings not considered well. you call it what you like.

iwas a ticat fan for over 40 yrs.they lost me when it became obvious that their 1st priority is not winning.only an idiot or a bob young yes man can watch the moves this team makes and not see that its all about money.its simple reboundenomics

"simple" being the operative word here.