the truth about MRX

someone at MRX is deliberately sabotoging this site in effort to create negativity for cfl because they want NFL in Toronto. - i plan on using that image a lot...

would be perfect for ref complaint threads I suspect

I can never tell if you're serious or not.

got me fooled too

Please tell me you aren't serious.

If I may

Let's go to the MRX home page shall we?

You see that street address at the bottom of the page? It's 1 Jarvis St. Hamilton Ontario. Now that address is very familiar to every Ti-Cat fan in Hamilton. Why?

Yeah....that's the same address as the Tigertown store and the Ti-Cats head office.

So yeah...I'm sure Bob Young, whose company provides the design and hosting for the CFL, is deliberately sabotaging the CFL forums, so he can help bring an NFL team to Toronto, in an attempt to kill his own team. Makes sense to me.