The truth about we know why!

Marcel did what any other smart GM would have done. You get paid for the effort that show on the field. On numerous plays DJ had the same stupid look on his face that Mass consistently had. Daaaaa -------- how did this happen. Wwll boys it was painfully obvious Maas did not want to be here -- wifey missed him - waaaaaaaaaaaaaa - and DJ would not lay it out to get the ball.

They are both gone and so be it.

Good point and a question well said “IHL”!

Last year we lost 14 games, and so far this year we have lost 12.

Personally, I think the League is at a higher level this year than it was last year, though that’s this man’s opinion only! I think we started the year lower than we left last year, as we retained Maass, and failed to bring in an experienced QB to “challenge” him (Lets be realistic, Rocky Butler wasn’t the guy!)

The management failed to believe in their fan base, that we’d support the team as it entered “transition”, and got tight with $$$ (on the other hand, here’s where you “find” $450K to sign CP when he comes available!)(this was where the release of Morreale and Hitchcock was about $$$!)

Management DID do some credible things, like acquiring Moreno, Setta and others that are plainly “keepers”, and made the team better than it was in those aspects.

What will the future hold?

Well, sooner or later there’s going to be another team in Ottawa, and that means an expansion draft, and given that we have sense enough to “cover our keepers” (shouldn’t be too tough!) we won’t get raided that badly. We will have draft picks to either trade or use.

Will we be better in 2008? Plainly, that’s a “YES” vote from me…we do have CP and he will be healthy in 2008, we now know that Chang is either a write off or a grave gamble, and that Williams is indeed a “keeper”. A lot of deficiencies are revealed, but those can be addressed, given we stick to the course and keep Marcel and Charlie (though not neccessarily the Assistant Coaches!)

Lets watch these last few games as players fight for their jobs, and the OC and DC are caused to “show us what they’ve got” against some of the high ranked teams…

This isn't news. Marcel said this way back when he made the trade. He said Flick wasn't coming back at his salary so he was added into the deal.

This team has been more competitive, last year there was a lot of blow outs and a lot of games where we were shut out.

Enough about this gripe about Flick. The fact is - he’s a proven 1000 yard receiver. There was no proven receiver lined up to take his place. So we write off another year? We were already going into a season with a multitude of rookies. There’s no guarantee that any of them will be worth keeping. Yet we let a 1000 yard receiver go, along with one of our best O lineman for a quarterback nobody has heard of all season. But wait, Dangerdan needs time and will learn from getting taken in trade after trade. Maybe the Maas for Peircey trade will wake him up. I will tell you now, there will be an endless list of trades that we get taken in. Name one trade Dangerdan has made that we got the better of the deal. Name one.
And as for Bob directing his staff to cut salaries to save money… give me a break.

Out to lunch comments like this one don't belong on this forum. Only true football fans should be allowed on this forum. Sources?

Well the Argos did say they were only trying to sign CP so they could trade him to us.... although i think its just sour grapes, they did say it.

Hey synthcat,

Most of the deals that were made were to get rid of huge salaries handed out by previous management. Other than that, I don't disagree with moving Holmes, Flick, Kornegay, Maas or releasing Hitchcock and Morreale. These are moves that had to be made. This team is in better shape now than it has been in years. Now, lets talk about Dangerdan and the great additions he's made since taking control of the club last August. McKay-Loescher, Lumsden, Moreno, Bauman, Bekasiak, Caulley, Printers, Anderson, Gagne-Marcoux, Dyakowski, Keith, Armstead and Setta and the list goes on. Compare this to last year's roster and there's no doubt that the team is heading in the right direction.

It is quite obvious that Dejsardins was told to keep the budget low this year . If not we would not have had all the room under the cap to sign Printers. The team "cheaped" out and the now everyone pays the price sort of speak with our record. The question is did we "cheap' out to rebuild and sign young guys or will we continue to "cheap" out. Guess the next few years will show.

OK there whatever lol. It's my opinion based on the fact that every team is maxed out at the cap and already have high priced q.b's.

And look at the DJ thing like this Holmes was making 200k and was not asked to take a pay cut then was traded for Armstead who makes more than Flick, and just look at how much Maas was making. If they were looking to dump salaries you start with those 2 guys not 2 of our best players who aren't even making that much. Also I heard Tillman saying he also made that trade to dump Butlers big contract, every trade Marcell has made has been utter nonsense, his deals are comparible to the Raptors Rob Babcock -the guy who traded Vince Carter for nothing, then tried to act like it was a good deal just like Marcel does.

i wouldnt mind head coach charlie seeing the door but you cant boot marcel just yet. You can see now, what he's building will be decent given some time.
I wasnt exactly happy with being the joke of the league, but hey, if thats the price for building something great that might last for years in hamilton..I dont mind it so much. These last few years..i wouldnt have mattered who the gm was, or who the coach was..we didnt have a QB. Now that we have one of those, Ivor Wynne will be a much better place to be, regardless of the coach, GM or anything else...its the CFL..a QB is the only way youre going to have any success.

You know its getting nuts around here when the president needs to get fired before the GM or HC. :roll:
Call me old fashioned but cant we go back to the way we used to play the Blame Game,that is, just blame the QB???........
or Ron Lancaster :wink:

First on Flick, to me he has been one of Tillmans best deals. For a small guy he keeps chugging on every play. I have no idea if his game dropped off last year because of him or the system, I just know that this year he is willing to take the pounding.

As for firing everyone.... I would at least wait until next year. How many rookies do you have this year???? Heck,give it another year before the tar and feathers come out.

I actually thought the TC's played a reasonable game. Your Oline played better and CP seemed to be getting his groove. I do wonder if him and Lumsden are made of glass, but it could have just been bad luck.

Anyway, can not wait until the weekend to be sitting behind the TiCats bench and make them welcome in Regina... :wink: