The truth about we know why!

I was really getting sick and tired of hearing Flick's story and nobody else's. Finally we get the scoop from the Spec:

"Desjardins said the Cats couldn't afford to keep Flick.

"He can say what he wants. It doesn't bother me," Desjardins said.

The Cat GM said he never said Flick wasn't a good player. "Part of the problem here last year were some of the salaries that were handed out prior to my getting here, as simple as that."

I always thought he was bitter. Our GM obviously told him that he couldn't justify paying him that kind of money with the production he had last year with the Cats. That is not telling the guy he's no good but basically paying him for what he's produced. His numbers were terrible and based on what we've been hearing through the media, his attitude as well. Maybe he was a cancer (bad apple)in the dressing room. His true colors are showing right now. If Flick is that happy in Saskatchewan, he should just keep his mouth shut. Great move to get rid of this guy because it is clear that it was all about him and not about the team.

"Couldn't justify paying him that kind of money with the production he had last year with the cats"? Are you kidding me?? When the football did finally come his way last year, the man still caught crappy thrown passes that laid him out for the big hits. You're obviously ignoring what kind of QBing we've had here. Flick was a recent 1000 yard reciever and will be again this year. Desjardins wanted to put his own stamp on the team. Our GM is a dud and the reason we've got 2 wins.

DJ did NOT lay out for passes. He was being a pansy and if the ball wasn't thrown in exactly the right spot he did not go get it but just let if fly past. Wait till the Riders have some problems and you will see DJ quit on the team.

"DJ did NOT lay out for passes. He was being a pansy and if the ball wasn't thrown in exactly the right spot he did not go get it but just let if fly past. Wait till the Riders have some problems and you will see DJ quit on the team.

Flick would have caught the passes Brock Ralph, Bauman, Walker, Armstead, and a few others going through the rotating door have been dropping all season. Could have been a few more wins and still in the playoff hunt. How many 1000 yard receivers come through your door? Not many. But of course we got Rocky's Bulter in return for Flick. Nice move Dangerdan. :^)

Our GM obviously told him that he couldn't justify paying him that kind of money with the production he had last year with the Cats.
How did he justify paying maas to start another season and waiting till it was lost to trade him for nothing? Did he base THAT on performance too?could it be he didnt have anyone any better yet? if so then the same reasoning should have been used for flick shouldnt it? you dont give players away for nothing if you have nobody capable to step in the position do you?

Are you sure you aren't talking about Craig Yeast?

DJ was the most professional player on last year's team.

What other proven starter was available for Marcel to acquire?

Maas was injured last year.

Maas had surgery to repair a shoulder.

It’s easy to see why Maas was give another chance.

Also, other QBs were brought in to compete for the job.

Rocky Butler
Shaun King
Timmy Chang

all of which had credentials.

Considering what QBs were available, I commend the Ti-Cat organization for bringing in such QBs. And add the fact that they snagged Printers halfway through the season, that’s quite a rebuild at the QB position which should now be stable for a while.

Turned out after training camp that Maas was the guy. New shoulder and all, he played fairly well at times, but not well enough. I doubt you’ll see him be a starter in this league.

So, given what Marcel had inherited at the QB postion, I’d he was very pro-active remedying that broken position.

Funny how some peole see things so differently.

I think DJ is a very tough receiver who has sacrificed his body many times.

He's a good solid receiver, but not a go to guy. he's not the typw you'd throw a jump ball. Not sure if he had that inate ability to go up and after a ball and come down with it.

But a pansy? No way. he's tough as nails.

Hey come on the Ticats cheaped out this year at the receiver position and it shows wake up :roll: :thdn:

As soon as some puts on a jersey other than a black and gold he becomes the enemy. Therefore Flick is a bum. Are you people Cats fans or hasbeens fans! This is football not summer camp. You bunch of wimps.

The fact is Marcel has to go, Taaffe and this entire staff has to go. There's a nice foundation laid out, but it's clear Marcel is not a leader or respected by anyone in this league, he is our version of Rob Babcock and as far as Taaffe, his style is too American.

This whole thing is a joke and it is clear Marcel did not go over films, if he did he would have realized that he had a receiver(s) getting open but had an injured q.b unable to get the balls to them, so what does he do, he gets rid of quality receivers and keeps his over paid injured q.b and doesn't even ask him to take a pay cut, for that reason alone he should be canned.

And replace him with who?.......Marcel just completed a very tough year given the s.hit storm he walked into.......he now has the remainder of the season and the off-season to evaluate where the team is....

I swear, if this team keeps firing people willy-nilly, it will never go anywhere.....

We were never going to win the Grey Cup this year anyhow.....and for that matter, next year either.....

Blow the huge bucks when the stars are aligned to make the run!......not a moment earlier!

haha...maybe we could get marty schottenheimer and some of his staff to coach & manage the ticats? :stuck_out_tongue:

We either fire him this offseason or next, might as well do it this year.

All I’m asking is that Bob quit condescending this league and hire people from within the CFL, no more gm’s with no experience and no more country club college coaches. Bring in George Cortez as head coach and bring in a gm who has the better skills to negotiate with the other gm’s.

And replace him with who? of Scott Mitchell's buddies?......lmao!

GM Desjardins is now an expierenced GM having just gone through a very rough year given what he inherited.......and still managed to pull off some good signings and has started to build a good nucleus....

and you people want to squander that?.....duhhhhh!

hellooooooooo! :roll:

No wonder this franchise is the joke of the league......we think we will win the Grey Cup every year without investing some blood, sweat and tears first.....wake up people! takes work!

When the team is going good (2004) DJ was tough as nails. He wasn't bad in 05 but last year you could just see him holding up on balls. In 05 and 06 i would have taken Yeast over Flick. Yeast was sprinting his routes and was trying hard. Last year there were threads saying how much Yeast was trying and I'm pretty sure you would agree that he was selling himself while Flick was just content with the short passes and ducking out of bounds,

Just to note you might want to look at the Regina Leader Post's columns today on tomorrow's game...DJ is prone to run off at the mouth like a soup sandwich, but Wayne Smith (described in the article as the best OL in the CFL) also is glad that he is out of the terrible atmosphere of the TC dressing room, as are Kournegay and Justin, and doubtless others.

And so, we are where we are, and no place to go but "UP". We have a great QB, potentially, and need some more horse power on our OLine, some consistency amongst the DB's, and some reinforcement of some of the successes of the Special Teams.

To their credit, almost every coach gives kudos to the TC's, as being a team that plays every second of every game.

I dunno about our GM, but something had to be done, and I'm prepared to cut him some slack in a very tough year.

Whether we retain this staff of coaches, I'm not so sure reinforce success, not failure, and these coaches have failed to remove the "rotten smell" and stigmas in our dressing room. The players still have the heart, but do the coaches have the brains and experience?

All he has done is sign the guys his scouts have told him to. There is a lot more to being a gm than that, he has to be a leader, the captain of the ship and he has to have the contacts and be able to build relationships with the other gms, not be the guy they call when they want to hoodwink someone. Why else would every team go out and try to get CP? They obviously only did that so they could get Marcel to trade every asset we have to get him.

Id take Dan Rambo over this guy any day.

If you remeber last year the cats won 4 games this year they have won 2 games .
Witch team was better