The True Story About Johnny Manziel

[ltr]I tell you why Johnny Manziel will never play in the NFL again and I give you my top 5 current CFL QBs. Listen now and enjoy![/ltr]

“nothing is up for debate because he has not dominated the league it a few games”

“he sucks because of above”

“only media hype”

does one have to listen past the 2 minute mark?

Johnny Football is indeed a bad joke, but the Als are the perfect punchline.

I’ve never seen a prospect so ill-prepared and ill-suited to be a professional QB. He looks like a Jr. college freshman out there and frankly I fear for his safety.

First post and you want me to click on a link? Not gonna happen

I disagree. JM has huge potential. He’s athletic enough to get out of the pocket and make things happen. He needs a year to learn the Canadian game, and opportunity. It doesn’t look like he’ll get it now in Montreal with Pipkin, who looks like the real deal.

It’s looking more and more like he won’t be back south again in the NFL, but if he’s patient, he can make a nice living and name here.

A year, two years....It won't matter a lick if he does not put in the work in, off the field. We know he never did in College by his own admission, we know he didn't he Cleveland that is obvious... So he doesn't even know how to prepare.

His Competition shows up at work off the first metro train at 5:30 in the morning...

And it is that same self admission that he himself said he recognized and that is the first step in improving no? He was pretty out of shape 1.5 years ago and has changed that…so it shows he has desire. If he can do that well while putting nothing in, that he may do well actually trying. Unless I have missed something, the guy seems to be putting a lot of work into betting himself and has admitted that he knows he needs to work more as a pro than he has. Until we actually hear that he is not doing these things he should still be in the ‘has potential’ pile IMO.

Yah, patience and opportunity is the key.
My vote's for BC>

Where do the Alouettes practice? Antonio Pipkin might consider moving to an apartment down the block from the practice facility so that he can make it to work even earlier.