The TRUE MVP of the Grey Cup

First off, kudos to James Johnson on a monster game. Why the Bombers kept trying to pick on him instead of going after Justin on the other corner I fail to understand.

However, Joseph played a very poor game for the most part.

The game was there for Winnipeg to win, they just couldn't get it done.

The TRUE MVP of the Grey Cup?

Kevin Eiben.

Were it not for him, I think the Bombers would have won that thing.

had dominguez not been hurt....
had ranek not been hurt.....

u never know what may have been.
the bombers are lookin very good for next year tho.
thier Defence played amazing, kept kerry confused, his receivers tied up and cates containted.

LOL, I know, I know, we're back to the "what ifs" again.......:slight_smile:

Unfortunately it is true, had Glenn been in the game theres no question he would have made up 4 points. But what can you do? Thats the way it was! Kudos to the Rider's and also to the Bomber fans, both teams have something to be proud of.

No argument there, the defences on both sides were awesome; Greg Marshall and Richie Hall deserve a lot of credit.

Kevin Glenn or no Kevin Glenn it's the way it was and Saskatchewan is full marks for their 2007 Grey Cup Victory!!! But...

Bombers in 2008!!!!!!!!!!

Exactly. Injuries happen. It sucks, but it's part of the game.

I was betting the first negative posts where going to be the " they over achieved and won't repeat" posts and not the what if's. One bet I'm glad I didn't make lol

Yes we know better than anyone else what injuries can do to a team.............. Play harder as a team and win the Grey Cup!!!!!

Thats true. I am sure SASK would have won by 14 is Joseph had been hurt last week.

How can you say there is no question he would have made up 4 points? Winnipeg scored 19 points this game. The exact same amount of points that they scored in the game before, when Glenn started and got injured late in it.

Nobody can ever say with absolute certainty that if something had been different it would have come out this way. To know something like that is impossible.

Injuries happen and are part of the game , but Riders should be giving Kevin Eiben a bonus check for this one for sure.

We can all guess of what would have been and it just might not have made any difference, I would sure like to see the Riders and Bombers do this again next year with both teams being healthy, Joseph did not play well because he played dropback the entire game he has his best game when he rolls out of the pocket, I was hoping the Rider Coaching staff would notice that and change it after halftime but he came out and did the dropback the rest of the game, unfortunatly there were lots of passes that could have been caught also. In the end it worked out for the Rider fans, a rematch next year maybe :slight_smile:

Joseph did have 101 rushing yards…

i want to stay away from this situation... but this post is bringing it out of me

this is no shot to the riders, they won fare and square and congradulations

but if kevin were in, would he have locked on to his reciver all game and thrown 2 picks becaue of it? one going for six?

would kevin have thrown a pick, or even thrown the ball when the field wa wide open for him to run and all he needed wa three yards to get a first own?

would kevin have ran all the way back to his own ten yard line, and fumbled the ball?

i personally dont think so

If Kevin was in would the Riders have played the same game?

If Kevin was in would some of the weight have been taken off of Kerry's shoulders? (He was up against a 1st time starter, how would it look if he lost.)

If Kevin, if Kevin, if Kevin...

If Kevin was in would the Bombers have played the same game?

If Kevin & Matt Dominguez were both in what would the odds makers have done?

Too many if's.
Whats the sense? Give it up already.

why would someone say something so dumb?

Here is the tail of Glenn what ifs...he would have been the Glenn of the last half of the season that threw 10 of 13 interceptions and 4 of his 5 fumbles.

Anybody can play the what if game.

Both teams played exceptionally well on defense and special teams. Both team did worse on their offense primarily related to the defenses that were in play.

Give credit to both teams for a well played defensive and strategic battle.

Anybody can play the 'what if' game......that's what we all do here, especially during the offseason! Half the fun actually.....

Yes, I agree the defences in particular were outstanding. I thought the chess match between Richie Hall and Greg Marshall was one of the more fascinating aspects of the game. Two great Defensive Coordinators showing why they are great Defensive Coordinators.

I am not convinced that you should be blaming Kevin Eiben. It was Glenn that fumbled the ball, and, naturally, everyone tried to pounce on it. It could have been Joe Blow,,trying to retrieve a fumbled ball.