The Trouble with Bishop

Seems Kent Austin and the Argos have completely missed the boat on how to effectively use Michael Bishop. Bishop is a rushing QB. The Argos need more plays designed for Bishop to roll-out or run out of the pocket and pick up yards. Rushing is Bishop's thing, as proven by his play in the AFL. If Bishop runs more, he will also have more open recievers...Thoughts?

Watching the game last Friday, I thought to myself that Bishop's biggest problem is he doesn't seem to care. Did you look at him after his aweful drives, when he was returning to the bench? Did you look at him after he was benched? He seemed like a guy who could care less. His attitude was like: "Eh well... we screwed up but it wasn't MY fault"...

At least, when Ted White screws up, he looks devastated. I'll give him a thumb up for caring (Wow! first time I ever said anything positive about Ted White... thank to Bishop)

Good point Third and Ten....for another example, how about the look on Brady's face when Marshall pulled him for Khari Jones? He started off going 6 for 6 then missed a few long ones and bang out he came....the look on his face sure showed he was none too pleased at being yanked that early.

I have never understood why the Argos are so sold on Bishop.....great physical attributes to be sure, and a cannon for an arm, but no accuracy at atll and a lack of any ability to read a defence. I can't see him ever developing into anything in the CFL.........that's assuming he cares, and that I agree is an open question.

fall from his chair


I disagree...........while BISHOP , while still needs work on his mental game...........he had some dropped balls.......and the ARGO defense was awful.

He had dropped balls because he shoots canon's at you from 5 yards away. He doesn't take anything off his passes. Bishop doesn't care, because he knows he can go make enough cash to support himself in the Arena League. I'm suprised he even came back. I can't wait for Hamilton to cut Marcus Brady at the end of this year, so he can come back to Toronto.


Last year he went..........4 and 2 and 1..............

He played well........for ALLEN, in both the EAST FINALS and in the GREY a couple of series...... Against WINNIPEG.......he was 6 for 13 [again, 3 dropped balls , passed for 111 yards] and threw a great TD pass...........Against MONTREAL ,............he run for most of the ARGOS , first downs in the first half. :wink:

Sorry hellothere...gotta disagree.
Bishop was brutal on Friday night. He overthrew long balls twice in the first 2 drives (although, who calls a deep ball on 2nd and 5 anyway?) and he was "sacked" twice because he ran into his blockers (St John and Avery).

If you need further proof that Bishop stunk out the joint in that game, look at how Allen took total control of the game when he was in. It was the same Montreal defense and DA was picking them apart like Calvillo did to ours in the first quarter.

Michael Bishop has a lot of raw skill, but until he gets his head in the game, he will never succeed in the CFL.

Again, last year he went.........4 and 2 and 1.

Against WINNIPEG........he was 6 for 13 , had a TD pass.........and threw for 111 yards , in 1 quarter.

He still needs work on his mental game........but to totally blame BISHOP , for this loss , is unfair.

The Montreal defense played great.

The ARGOS defense couldn't solve the Montreal offence , all game.

Most of the ARGOS played badly.Incluiding 3 dropped balls from, BISHOP.

At half time PINBALL [KEN A.] made the offense and we played better.

ALLEN is ALLEN...........but he threw the ball into the ground on that 3rd and 6 gamble..........ending any chance to come back.

Pinball...........should have gone for 3 points.

The DON............was the DON of old , and we were out coached that game.

All that said, I still think the Argos should design plays for a rushing QB like Bishop...

I agree

Personally I don't like Bishop. But I can see where Hellothere is going with what he is saying. If Bishop could just readjust some of his mechanics, and clamp down, he could be one hell of a quarterback for us. I'm just impatient, and think 4 years is far too long. Though Kent Austin has done a good job with bringing Bishop along. I really hope I'm wrong about this guy going nowhere. I still think at the end of this season we should go get Brady back.

Well I have to say.........that if he doesn't do better next game..........he is done , at least in this league.