The Trade

I said it before and I'll say it again (and I'll probably be banned from here again for speaking my mind and the truth) but...

The Printers signing was done to put your butts back in the seats. After a 1-8 start, the fans were royally ticked and some were threatening to stay home. I listened to the game on CHML and to the fifth quarter. It was laughable, fans were so mad. So what does the boss do, he signs Casey Printers. This peaked the fans interest and gave the team a glimmer of hope. More importantly, it will put butt$ back in the $tands with the hopes that things will get better. Yes, I know it is one game etc. etc. However, if you actually think for a moment that Printers is going to turn this team around, you are only kidding yourself. This team is in a serious state. No O-line, receivers cannot get open, no pass rush, poor secondary, mistaken galore, etc. The CFL schedule is setup so that you have one game a week and 6 days to practice. One would think that a team should improve as the season goes on. Someone please explain to me how a team goes 11 games into the season and doesn't improve. This team is actually getting worse. This is suppose to be a "professional" sports team. I see but one solution, fire the O and D coordinator, and possibly the head, and go from there. Things cannot possibly get any worse. As for bringing in players -when you have a QB earning $500,000, that doesn't give you much room to work.

Hey, were you in my brain?

That's pretty much what I was saying as I walked ut of IWS tonight.

Lots of room to work.

We’re not front ending the whole half mil this year…plus we dropped a quarter on the Maas trade.

We have lots of cap room still.

I have been following the Cats for years from the time we use to jump the fences in the west end of IWS. I have never seen it this bad. I admit that I come on here and like to stir it up a bit but this isn't funny anymore. Game after game, I am left (like most fans on here), scratching my head wondering what the problem is. I honestly feel that it has to be the coaching.

its the coaching

The problem is General Manger Marcel Desjardins stripped us
of so many above average to very good veteran CFL players

that we're worse off than an expansion team which has the benefit
of a dispersal draft to stock themselves with CFL veterans.

This has forced our player personnel people
to work harder than a one-armed wall paper hanger

airlifting in import replacements who can adapt
overnight to all the nuances of the CFL game.

As we all can see, it just doesn't happen that way.


Would Jason Goss or Airabin Justin have helped our "D" tonight?

Or D.J. Flick and Wayne Smith on Offence, to name a couple.

I agree Ron.

At this point I would have to agree with that. The play calling of O and D is simply pathetic.

Were they trying to put butts in the seats by making the team better…YES.

If you want to throw stones at the team, there are lots of areas worth hitting.
Fact is the Cats are the youngest team in recent CFL memory.
They are not going to be overly competitive this year, and are building towards next year.
Bad team…yes
PR move to sign Printers to the biggest contract in the CFL…give me a break