The tortoise and the hare- will BC remember?

Remember the old fable about the tortoise and the hare. The hare races ahead with bravado strutting around full of piss and vinegar. Slowly but surely, the hard working tortoise catches up and passes the snoozing arrogant hare. Then the hare wakes up but just fails to catch the determined tortoise at the finish line.
Remember the BC Lions start last year....
Remember their finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prediction: Saskatchewan over BC in the playoffs this year. The playoffs are all that counts!!!!!!!!!
Go Riders Go
Riders will Rule
Lions will drool

At least we are the right colour for the tortoise-- green :lol:

Besides , our Riders have strategy, we are saving Kenton Keith 'till the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!
Riders Rule
Rider Pride
Nation Wide!!

And by the look of last nights game ...just as fast..lo

yah turkey your a loser

I wonder what Rider fans would say about the "tortoise and the hare" if the Riders had won last night? Or even been competitive?

What is most likely to cost the Lions the season is an injury to Dickenson. That was their big downfall last year, and the dropoff between 1st and 2nd QB is a lot steeper now that Printers is gone.

Nice comfort in hoping that hot BC cool off later in the season. But every season is different and history doesn't always repeat. There were seasons in which BC played better in the second half. Jealous fans may be hoping Dickenson fall to injury one day, but BC can still win games with probably the most underrated backup quarterbacks in the CFL. BC still looks like a QB factory.

believe me, the Riders will get better and the loss of Saskatchewan native son Jason Cleremont will hurt the Lions terribly!!!
Go Riders Go

you can always count on TB to cheer you up if your team does down hard if your a Rider fan.

you got to give him that.

After last nights game I thought there was improvement with the Riders offense but the defense looked rather not there or was that DD picking them apart. I think it came down to coaching last night no doubt about it.

TB, do you tie your own flies? :slight_smile:

Nope - there ain't no flies on me!
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Riders may be a tortoise, but they hid in their shell last night :thdn:

What's last year got to do with this year??? Ya it's only game one and anything can yet happen , but that can go both ways for any team. Any player in the league is only one good hit from retirement and that includes ALL QB's . Pretty sad when a guy has to console himself with such a stupid post when his team loses.