The Toronto Argonauts Winning Ways

You have to have a lot of luck to do it 4 times in 5 games. I'm just saying that a lot of things (besides talent) had to go their way for it to happen. I'm not saying it never should happen but 4 out of 5 wins is pretty fluky and like I said before, a team that has allowed 20 more points than it has scored has no business having a 5-2 record.

By contrast, the other two teams with a 5-2 record are Saskatchewan-plus 39 and Montreal-plus 54. They are the elite teams in the league. In fact, poor Winnipeg is plus 3 (a full 23 points better than Toronto) and have a poor record of 2-5.

I think we are all a little suprised with how well Toronto is doing. see how they do down the stretch. More wins already then last year

I see it differently. If you come back four times, it means you're a tough team to put away.

Chief whatever you were drinking this week don't stop because your commentary this last week was spot on for the most part. :stuck_out_tongue: :thup:

For the first three or four games Toronto was really only being carried on the strength of their RB Owens. However, over the past two games I've really liked what I've seen coming from Lemon and he has improved a fair bit. At this point I would say they are potential contenders but they will definitely have to put up some more air offensive numbers before they completely look like it on paper.

I think you mean Boyd. Owens is a WR. He's been very good too, though.

Sorry, you're right and, yes, I do mean Boyd. I should know his name better then that given how much he carried the Argo team. :oops:

Toronto needed the help of trick plays and st. Until they can win beat the big boys with straight up offense and defense, they will still be a half a step behind, at least. Look for hamilton to win at least one of their back to back and bring them back to earth a little.

However, they sure were fun to watch this week

They're a half step behind because they showed creativity? Yeah, that makes sense... :expressionless:

The Argos are still a work in progress Lemon is improving every game. Which is great cause it shuts up the Bring back Bishop idiots.

I think Barker has done a wonderful job. I find this years team much more disciplined than the past few years.

However, I don't think I would put them up with the AL's yet. until they can beat them in Montréal. The win on Sat was great, but the season is still young. I big win against the Pu$$y-Cats will get them closer to the Al`s though.


Being a Ti-Cat fan, I want to find fault in Toronto's 5-2 record and sure I can say that they played against both BC (1-6) and Edmonton (1-6) but I can't ignore the fact they've beaten both Calgary (6-1) and Montreal (5-2). The latter they beat handedly.

Hamilton has only beat Winnipeg (2-5) thrice and has only looked solid in one of their victories. I know the 1st half of last week's game was the best half they've played all year long but the Cats let Winnipeg back into the game and if it weren't for a blown call on the Brock Ralph touchdown, who knows what the result could have been.

I think how Hamilton and Toronto line up against each other the next two weeks will say plenty about the real nature of these teams. From what I've seen, Toronto is the team that's learned to play a solid 60 minutes. Hamilton's staff and core players have had a year head start on Toronto to get to the same point and they seem to be behind Toronto in that regard in 2010.

I expect a decisive Toronto win Friday at Rogers Centre and a closer Hamilton win on Labour Day at Ivor Wynne.

because you cant get by on that stuff week after week.

And they won't. Just like the Tiger-Cats won't. They used special plays because they'd just played the Als two weeks ago. They wanted to give the Als a different look, and it worked. Same with the Tiger-Cats.

Yeah, there's been some luck. But this is also a team that takes advantage of their opportunities and refuses to quit when trailing in the fourth. Both of those things are the mark of a contender.

It takes more then half a season to become an elite team. They're not in that group yet, but they're #4 and capable of beating anybody in the league. Considering the past two years, I'm sure Argo fans are enjoying this. :rockin:

A good write-up about the Argos. One thing that surprised me is the lack of penalties. That was a huge problem for this team the last two seasons. Looks like Barker has this team disciplined. :thup:


I take zero away from the Argos. Full credit to them for an imaginative game plan that worked to perfection and powered them to a decisive win over my Als. But if you look at that game, they won on gadget plays and special teams. That is not going to happen every week. Their defense couldn't stop Calvillo from posting 400+ yards and 3 TDs and Boyd was held to less than 100 yards rushing. On most nights, that kind of performance on offense and defense won't get you a win.

Like I said, I respect Barker immensely for how he approached last week's game, but I don't think one win, especially a win built on not one but two kick return TDs, means that they're suddenly on Montreal's level.

Two kick return TDs? Aside from Christian's, who had the other?

Sorry, my bad. I was thinking of Owens's big 40-yard TD in the second half. Just one kick return TD plus the fake punt that turned into a 40-yard gain, plus Duval's field goal miss. We had a horrendous night on special teams. And to give Toronto its due, we fell victim to the big play again and again.

I just don't think that the Argos should expect to win games like this every week, especially against my Als.

which is probably why the argos are behind the stamps, als and riders in most everybody's power rankings.

i dont think anyone believes the argos are in the top 3 of the league.

why would anyone be stupid enough to suggest bringing back Bishop? :lol: are they 2 yrs old?