The Toronto Argonauts Winning Ways

So last night, the Toronto Argonauts beat the Montreal Als, largely considered cup favourites, handedly, 37-22.

A lot of people are saying they are simply really lucky. That they won most of their first 4 wins with luck, by only a couple points each time, some lucky calls and some lucky TDs. Now they beat Montreal by 2 TDs + 1 and now Als fans say that they got lucky against Montreal because Cavillo was injured even though he said he was good to go. Having beat the two top ranked teams, Calgary and Montreal, I think Toronto are strong contenders.

So what is your opinion on the Argos?
Are they up there with Sasketchewan, Calgary and Montreal, or do you need to see more?

I'm still not sure if they're up there with Montreal, Saskatchewan, and Calgary. But they are pretty damn close, definitely a playoff team.
I thought they had been lucky for the first 6 weeks, but last night changed my opinion.

Are the Argos lucky to be 5-2? Not when you consider they have played Calgary and Montreal and won against both! Barker is the front runner for Coach of the Year. So far, he is the most deserving! As for the fans saying Calvillo was injured, isn't Printers injured in BC? How much different would the Lions record be if Casey was healthy? Als better hope Calvillo isn't out with a more serious injury, otherwise their season could be toast.

I don't think the Argos are up there with the top dogs, yet. They are very damn close, however.

Last night's win was not luck. They always get the fabled "Argo Bounce" (and they did again last night), but they went out there and took it to Montreal. They simply beat down the Als. Every time Montreal did anything, the Argos responded.

Toronto is a very, very good football team. Cleo Lemon had a second consecutive strong game, and they won despite Cory Boyd not being the Cory Boyd we've seen.

Chad Owens had a spectacular night. Why Montreal let him go is beyond me. I do think the Copeland injury will hurt them, but with Owens, they should still be OK.

And Jim Barker deserves plenty of credit. He is one heck of a football coach.

The Argos deserved to win last night's game. They were the better team from the opening kickoff to the final whistle.

I can't wait for this Friday. A Hamilton-Toronto game that actually has some meaning. It's going to be awesome!

Toronto has been a good defensive team for years. I was sometimes hard to tell with the offensive squads they've fielded...the defense running out of gas...on the field 3/4 of every game. All they've really needed was an offense that kept them in the game...which they have now. They don't need to throw for 400 yards to win.

Defenses win championships....the old adage goes. I won't be surprised if the Argos keep winning.
And don't forget the Ticats, their great linebackers and a resurgent Kevin Glenn.

The Alouettes certainly have their work cut out for them if they want to repeat.

I just had a look at Lemon's stats. I knew the Argos played well, but wow! He was 13 of 19 for 269 yards, 3TDs, and no picks. :o

I do believe Lemon is learning the game.

You have to be a reasonably good team to be lucky. Otherwise you'd be losing like the Esks or Lions. Last night the Argos proved they can play. They looked good. Really good. And other than an oops fumble, AC handled the ball well so there are not excuses. The Argos had a masterful game plan and executed it to near perfection. Lemon look comfortable. He's obviously very bright and talented. It's all coming together for the Argos now.

I'd love to know what argotom thinks of the Argos right now. Haven't heard from him in a while.

The bloodbath will continue for the Indy game. I was just on ticketbastard, and pulled a pair of lower bowl tix on about the 30 yard line, 14th row. That's a bad sign.

Of course, the fact that the tix have a face price of $287.50, before TM charges, FOR AN NFL PRE-SEASON GAME!!! may have something to do with that.

In every other NFL city, the pre-season games are meaningless giveaways.

I happen to know, as I have 2 Vikings tickets, and I'd take anything above free for the pre-season games, because I'd be arsed if I'm gonna go to a whole 'nother country for a "friendly".

WPG wasn't the greatest team ever last year when they thrashed MTL.Nice win and all but let's not start calling yourselves the team of the decade here.Copeland is likely out for the home and home with the Cats so I guarantee Owens will be double covered all night long.Let's see how you handle us :twisted:

Um, didn't Montreal sit a bunch of there starters that game? We saw how good Winnipeg was when Montreal beat the hell out of them 48-13 the following week. No one is calling the Argos the team of the decade, but this was a solid win.

Yes it was, but sshhhhh :wink:
It's my duty as a Cat's fan to annoy the Argo fans before games and enforce the whole "Argo's suck" shabazz.
Let's not let silly thing's like facts get in the way of a good argument :lol:

Gotcha. Carry on then. :lol:


I bleed double blue, but I don't think the Argos are quite there yet. But what's scary is their rate of improvement.

Receivers and QB are growing by leaps and bounds each game. Last night was the first win we got through the air, and our best team win. When with the improvement flatten out?? who knows!

The riders, als and stamps have established themselves for a few years as top dogs in the CFL.
The argos haven't. They still have a ways to prove they're as good as those three teams when push comes to shove.
Having said that, they're a very solid team and are improving all the time.

With Cory Boyd, their special teams and defense, they just need Lemon to keep improving and play within himself.

well I was referring specifically to this season.
I think Toronto are in firm 4th now in rankings.
Of course the Argos haven't played the Riders yet, that will be an interesting game, as will the game against Hamilton.

i think myself, that this game had a lot of different meanings.

the Argos do have a lot of talent, they're definitely better than they were last year.

but they still have a lot of learning to do.

they will some time have a poor performance (please vs Riders :stuck_out_tongue: )

they will have growing pains and lose a few in a row.

but the Alouettes also had an off night! this isn't normal for them at all.

I do believe that the next time these two play, the Als will win.

My calender is marked; Montreal at Toronto on October 29th.

Yes, the Argos looked good last night, but I still don't consider them an elite team in the league. They may have a 5-2 record, but don't forget that this is the first one that they actually led going into the 4th quarter. In fact this is arguably the first game so far in which they deserved to win.

They have won 4 games so far this year in which they were badly outplayed, but still somehow managed to win. They are the only team in the CFL with a winning record that have allowed more points than they have scored. You can't tell me that that isn't luck.

I do however,think that they are improving and are definitely not be as weak as they were in their first 6 games of the season. Winnipeg, Calgary, B.C., and Edmonton are probably kicking themselves for blowing those games earlier in the season. I don't think the Argos will be as beatable the next time they play them.

If you can mount a comeback in the forth quarter, I'd say you deserved to win.