The Toilet Bowl

Winnipeg and Saskatchewan have the "Banjo Bowl", Edmonton and Calgary have "The Battle of Alberta" now with two games set between the Cats and Al's with three remaining in this 2017 season we can have "The Toilet Bowl" and the battle for the best basement team in the CFL east.

The way this season has gone for both teams is pretty bad to say the least, although the same holds true for the rest of the eastern teams who are all still below .500 and really should any team deserve to move on to the playoffs with having more losses than wins in a season? (Only in the CFL)

I wish the Cats all the best today in Montreal and hope many of the back up players get an opportunity to play or at least in the three remaining games and show us their skills, a tryout now for nest season.

Who will win the title of the "Toilet Bowl Champs" starting today in Montreal?


Hard to believe that, after the terrible 0-8 beginning, the TiCats, if they win these final 3 games, will finish with the same record (7-11) as they did last year. Another possible season record match is Ottawa -- if they beat the Cats on Friday, they'll finish 8-9-1, just as they did on their way to winning the Grey Cup. A 3-game Hamilton sweep, to end the season, would be good for our spirits and things would, at least, sound better when we can say "We missed the playoffs by just 1 pt. in the standings and won the season series with the team that finished just ahead of us."

Yup . It's funny how so much can change from season to season . Last year our 7 and 11 record was good enough for not only a play-off spot but also a home play-off date . Fast forward to this season and if this team can wind it up by winning out our last three games we end up with an identical record as last season........which this season gets us a big fat nada , zilch , zippo and a front row seat sitting on our couches watching the play-offs instead of participating in them . :frowning:

Ya, but look on the bright side, 8)
Now we get to cheer for the West crossover team to eliminate both OTT and TOR in the playoffs!;D

Yup , I don't think it really matters if it's Edmonton or Saskatchewan crossing over . I think that either of them have the capacity to wipe out whomever between Ottawa or Toronto winds up hosting the ESF.

The conspiracy theorist in me though thinks that the league will probably move heaven and earth to insure that either the league's darlings aka Ottawa gets to play at home in the Grey Cup or that the league's problem child from down the Q.E.W will be there instead because Lord knows that the poor neglected boys from the big city need help filling up their stadium and getting some attention and loving from the masses . ??? :-\

I don't really care who's at the Grey Cup from the East, I'll be in the stands (for the first time) cheering for the western team. Sure won't make me popular with OTTRB fans should they make it to the big show again. Much as I don't like the idea of an all western GC, I'd at least have a choice of team to cheer for should that occur! :-\ :-\ :smiley:

Anyway - on to today's game. Only one team belongs in the toilet and it isn't the Ticats IMO who've greatly improved. As noted above - rather ironic that the team could end up with the same record as last year (I expect that they will) and be on the outside of the playoffs looking in. :frowning:

Hey, We get the chance to extend MTL's losing streak to 0 and 9! 8)

I agree with the Toilet Bowl title ,two games with both teams out of contention bad luck with the schedule (which I hated) ....I think the Als with DD back at QB might squeeze by us today ,but Al's win the Toilet Bowl at seasons end...

At least when Chris Shultz was on the TSN CFL panel it was a bit more interesting ,he always added a wise perspective as unbiased ,intelligent and entertaining.Wish Shultzy was back to entertain during breaks in the Toilet Bowl cleaning ....

Setting my PVR and going out to enjoy this beautiful day , watch game highlights tonight totally lost interest this year bet the Ticats wish they had Johnny Football in town to get some bums in the seats last game !$


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#Ticats scratches: DB Emanuel Davis, RB Sean Thomas-Erlington.
#AlsMTL scratches: REC @nikel18 & OL Kristian Matte.

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#Ticats will be wearing white jerseys with the gold pants today vs. #AlsMTL. I am ambivalent about this.

Yup - I've never heard any explanation for his absence either last season when he disappeared for the summer months but returned in the fall, or this season. I thought maybe he'd be back again this fall but that didn't happen. I'm just glad that they didn't replace him with whiny Burris - aside from one week - and I hope that if that wasn't a tryout for a permanent spot he failed! It'd be interesting if they could get a former defensive player to join the panel to give a different perspective but I've no idea who that could be.

So your Toilet Bowl pick is the Als get a flush, with no full house, and the best then the Cats can do, in the win column, is a pair. And, I see cats99 folded on this one. 8)

So in the toilet bowl is it better to finish
a #1

Or a #2

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#AlsMTLwin toss & elect to receive. Slight breeze so #Ticats will have wind in Q4 if they want it. Also, Als are DOOMED. @PentonKirk

Yikes EMPTY SEATS!!!!!!

Love this!!! ;D ;D ;D Montreal 2 and out and illegal kick by Bede - all good - if you're a Ticat! ;D

...Annnd Masoli just missed a TD pass - for the Als ...

That ball should have been in Speedy's hands as soon as he turned. Instead, he had to wait for it, and it was almost intercepted...

You're surprised?? :oLarks fans are fickle - won't support a loser! And on a nice day many probably decided to do something else besides watch the team tank - again.

That being said - 2 and out by the Ticats too as the ball got batted awayfrom our receiver (didn't see who)