The toe

when receivers are given a catch after dragging their toe from inbounds to out of bounds, it is because no other part of the foot touched out of bounds as they came down.

When the toe touches inbounds first, and then the rest of the foot comes down touching out of bounds, it is no catch.

Its just that simple.

That's how I was always told to interpret the rule as well, but its been years since I called a game, so I wasn't sure if they had changed that detail or not.

I agreed with the no-catch call on the sidelines at the time, and given that interpretation, the booth was correct.

The non-fumble call, however..... :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Thanks for the clarification, FYB :rockin:

FYB good stuff -- say can you apply to be a referee?

according to most of the people on here, I would be the worst ever :wink:

I disagree.

I have never seen your judgement or your fitness level. I'm sure you would make mistakes, just like the other officials, but worst? That's setting the bar pretty high. (low?) :wink:

From what I have seen, you tend to be principled, and consistent in your ideas of right and wrong. I may disagree with you on some points, but I respect your opinions. And no one here could question your understanding of the game.

Give it a shot, I say.

well, I appreciate that, but as you hinted at, I would fail the fitness test by miles, sigh and I dont think I could take the pressure either :wink:

Ah rubbish FYB and good stuff Hit 'em Hard ...I say go for it FYB ...this one's for you FYB along with the first round for you both should I ever make it up that way :lol: