The TO Loss is SQUARELY on the O-Line and Punt Cover Teams

The TO Loss is SQUARELY on the O-Line and Punt Cover Teams

3 man rushes were flushing DD. He was sacked multiple times, and blitzes were not picked up, or even read!

Poor blocking on punts, falling for MULTIPLE trick plays, and almost giving up a big one when they just thought the returner was OB and they stopped playing

These guys would be puking multiple times on Monday (Yes, I'd make them come in on Thanksgiving, after that performance) if I was coach.

Defense and receivers could have the day off.

there was NO killer instinct early today.

We had that 3 and 1. where we were moving the ball good and Miller punts instead of using Szarka and get that First down!

keep the drive alive, we had momentum with us and he just bleh, whatever.

and then that 2nd and 2 and they call a PASS??????????

I don't get it?!?

I think the defense has to take a bit of blame as well. They couldn't stop Boyd even when they knew he was going to get the ball. However, I agree that the OLine was terrible this game and all those trick special team plays really turned us inside out. It'll just make us hungrier for next week. Gotta cheer for Montreal now.


The defence wasn't perfect, but they played well enough to win this game. Outside of a few minutes in the second quarter they got NO help whatsoever.

Offence was poor most of the game, and the punt cover team was simply taken out back and given a good old fashioned thrashing.

Make Dan Goodspeed watch the offensive plays films multiple times. Then fire him. Taman, you dod it again! When will you learn old hasbeens are useless? Find young guys with potential and develop them. Who plays MAC next year when Simpson moves into an old age home?

“The TO Loss is SQUARELY on the O-Line and Punt Cover Teams”


However, the worst play of the game that we should really blame the O-Line and Punt Cover teams was when Durant threw yet another INT for a TD… man, I hate it when the O-Line throws INTs for TDs.

Lol, I thought the exact same thing, why would you throw when even if you rush for one yard, you can gamble on third down. That bugged the hell out of me...

We are in the "collecting ex-bombers" mode of running a team now!!

Daley, Berry, Dinwiddie, Bates(now gone), Goodspeed ................all questionable additions.

DD should not have played. He is effective if his wheels are 100%. How many underthrows did we see?? He had limited mobility and could not run.

Too bad we decided not to recruit a #2 QB this year...................brilliant.

If the O Line had done their job, then DD wouldn't have been forced to rush the throw and probably doesn't throw the Pick6. So yes, the O Line IS at least partially responsible for the INT here.