The time is right to make a trade or two

We have three capable QB's, and four capable RB's.

Obie, please trade one of each to get help for the D-Line, O-Line and receiving corps.

Don Matthews would like to make a few deals right now, I'm sure.

A good trade not a DUMP. I'm sure tired of building other teams and we just keep losing. :oops: The Key is good trade Mr O.

At this point of the season, all we are going to get for Printers and Lumsden is a draft pick or two and a fringe player at best. Teams fighting for a playoff spot aren't going to give up a starter to get a starter.

We are now playing for next year. Next year we load up with picks and bring them all to camp and let them fight for a job.

there's no market for qb's-everyone is set and really-who wants quinton porter or richie williams? there is not one team out there that thinks that richie is better than their #2-sorry, #3 qb.

i'd trade jesse to e-town for dario romero or something like that-is KK really gonna give them more than caulley is giving them? and from what i hear caulley is a guy you don't have to worry about after hours. give KK the benefit of the doubt until he proves you wrong-everyone deserves a fresh start.

city legend


Your absolutely right.

The Cats are not far off now. We have talent, and with the addition of an O-lineman, D-lineman, and a deep threat receiver we would have the key ingredients to turn this team completely around.

And the way I see it, Edmonton would love a Lumsden (if healthy) to make a push for the play-offs this year. A somewhat similar position as when we sent Troy Davis to them.

And as for the Argos...they must be desperate for a QB as their ship is sinking fast. Pickett just isn't ready yet and Joseph's time has come and gone.

And note: we do not play the Argos again this season so a trade with them isn't going to hurt us as much as the trade to Winnipeg (Moreno) could have hurt us. (Even though we do still have a chance at catching both the Argos and the Bombers...slim or almost paper thin..but a chance nonetheless).

Wouldn't be surprised at all if we traded Williams to Toronto and Lumsden to Edmonton in the next few weeks.

I wouldnt be suprised if Printers was traded? Im not saying its going to happen, but it wouldnt shock me. Right now, I would rather keep Williams.

I'd like to see Printers traded rather than Williams...
Williams has produced as much as Printers and at probably 1/5 the cost..
Now,that being said..who will trade for Printers at his salary?hmmm?

Toronto, might go for Printers but probably not at his current salary.