The Time Is NIgh For the Argos

The ARgos and Jays were arguably 2a and 2b when it came to the Tornto sports scene last year. With the Leafs being 1AAAAA.

So with the Jays going into the tank this year so early, the time is ripe for the Argos to establish themselves as the solid number two team in the city.

Hopefully Joseph and the other acquisitions can perform to their abilities and make the Argos an exciting team to watch.

A good Argos squad coupled with baseball being on the outs for maybe good could equal a full resurgance for the CFL in Hogtown.
But you'll never read this in a Toronto paper.

Toronto papers are a lost cause. The Globe is owned by the same company which owns CTV and is controlled by Ted Rogers. The Star seems to bend over backwards to please MLSE/Rogers. The National Post is not a factor while the Toronto Sun still has close ties to P. Godfrey, its former publisher/owner. The Argos are the odd man out and just don't fit into Toronto's major league corporate sports puzzle.

Its obvious the Tranna media has been bought and paid for by Rogers and MLSE. But you have to wonder how much influence they have?

Despite their ridiculous articles, from people like Dave Naylor and Sean Fitzgerald, the ARgos will have 30,000 plus at their home opener. Maybe 40,000.

And believe it or not, Rogers did their own NFL survey, and they found that 2 of every 3 people in ONtario are NFL fans! What a surprise!

And in other news, DuMaurier did a survery, and found out that 2 out of 3 doctors say cigarettes don't cause cancer. Imagine that?

I dunno, fellas, I've been pretty happy with the amount of reporting the Star's done this year through training camp. The Post has done the best so far, but the Star's not too far behind.

Yes dmont if you are content with this reporting, then it is the standard minimal back at the Sports pages and not on every day variety.
With the worst of the bunch being the Star.

Plenty of Argos stories here.

I’m not sure what you’re expecting them to do when the season hasn’t started yet.