the time has come

I am done with this site after this post, I will be logging off for the last time.
I only say this because I want anyone who might pm me or direct a post my way that I am not ignoring you. I am just not here anymore. Not looking for anyone to care.

in passing, I would like to wish to one and all

eternal life, spiritual prosperity, and a very merry Christmas.

Just in case you check the odd reply to this.

Thanks for your contributions and input.

Health , happiness and prosperity for your present and future.

say it aint so FYB. :frowning:
We're certainly going to miss your long time participation and sharp wit around here.
Where am I going to go for my daily chuckles now?

hope you will reconsider but all the best to you and the family either way.
take care of yourself FYB.

I understand why you are leaving, but, you are letting the idiots win. :frowning:

That's unfortunate FootbalYouBet. I hope it's just you are upset with people here and not something more serious. I say that because of the "I am just not here anymore" comment.

Really going to miss your updates on how Rogers is trying to collapse the CFL.

This is a message board, there will always be idiots. Take some time ,don't burn any bridges and we will see you later on.

If you're going to take the time to start a thread to announce your premature retirement, it wouldn't have hurt to include the reason. Now we'll never know.

Unfortunate to see good members like FYB and HitEmHard quit.

There is not much to talk about during off season, so sometimes the crazy stuff kicks in.

Now with the season starting 90 % will be about CFL info and game threads.

Hope those guys reconsider and come back. Also not loose any more active members.

I do not want to see the inmates run the asylum.

Oh, we know exactly why he left. It's because of the jerks such as the one two posts above yours.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out old man
Lol...See ya soon old man.

The offseason is always ridiculous on this site

Yes, Area 51 should be ignored.

However , it is easier said than done.
Aggravation is aggravation.

Ok, one last post while waiting for the season to begin.

I was not going to state why I am quitting because I wanted to keep it simple. However, because it has been asked and guesses are being made, I figure I should satisfy curiosity.

  • For some years now, I have been finding that I am not enjoying the season games so much. I have figured that at least part of the reason is the downer of reading repeated criticism of the officials, video review, coaches, players, other teams fans, other teams posters, even bas-tar-diz-ation of other teams names became tiresome etc. Sucks the joy right out of it. So I have for some time been considering taking the season off and not even browsing. At least not any forum other than off topics.

  • When the new people took over the site, that is when I started to lose interest and the more I discovered wrong with the whole network, the less enthusiasm I had for posting here or using the network in anyway.

  • Once they made the rule that we could not talk religion, I knew it was just a matter of time before I would be done with this site.

  • Constant juvenile bickering, and name calling, and insults, swearing ,etc, does not make it hard to avoid the site either.

  • For a number of weeks now, I have planned to do this just before the season starts.

Now it is done, once and for all.

Thanks to those who care and I hope you all enjoy the season

Viva la football. :rockin:

...the previous topic is not locked...

Yes the previous topic FYB started (the time has come) is locked RedandWhite.

The other thread was going south and the poster wasn't here to defend himself, so I locked it rather than have that continue. I'll merge this into the other thread.


I've probably been insulted by every single person in this thread at one time or another (sometimes justifiably), but I refuse to be driven off the site because of that. I like the league too much I guess.

Glad to hear you are ok.

No harm in taking break, I did for a looong time, mainly because I forgot my password and kept getting punted :smiley:

Just kidding.

Take care FYB and keep on :rockin: