The TigerTown Store

Thank you Denise Bradshaw.

For the uninitiated, Denise Bradshaw works at the TigerTown Store at 1 Jarvis Street in Hamilton.

Many of you reading this have already had the pleasure of dealing with Denise. For those who haven't, visit our TigerTown store. Denise will help you find your size. Denise will get your tickets. Denise will tell you what's hot. Denise will tell you what's not. Denise won't pressure you. And one thing I can promise you, Denise loves the Cats more than you! Ladies, Denise can probably get you a date with Dave Stala. Ask her.

I cannot remember a store where customer service seems to be the absolute first priority in all my long years. And no kidding, Dave Stala walked in while I was shopping there!!!

Denise and the other staff are awesome!