The Tiger-Cats' Record in Overtime

Is it just me or have the Tiger-Cats been bad at overtime since the new format was created?

There is a certain synchronicity in the fact Hamilton lost at home in overtime to B.C. 33-26 in their first game in 2000, and lost at home in overtime to B.C. 34-27 in their last game in 2009, going 9-9 in both years. Regardless, it seems this team loses in OT more often than they win.

They lost another OT game to Calgary in 2000. The following year, they actually won an OT game over Calgary 29-26, and in 2002 they came back to beat Montreal in OT once I think, because of some missed field goals. Yet we also lost to Toronto in OT in a game that may have cost us a playoff berth that year. We got our only win in 2003 in overtime, but that's because the team wasn't good enough to win in regulation. And I guess we tied the Argos on Labour Day in 2004.

On the other hand, Toronto beat us last September in OT. Okay, by my count that's a 3-5-1 overtime record, which isn't as bad as I thought--unless I missed some games--but it isn't great. When you win only 33% of the time you play in overtime, there's room for improvement--even if with all the different coaches, players, and fluky circumstances we've had in that span.

It could be that the team during that period has been,well...just really bad?

I believe we beat Ottawa in 2004 in overtime 17-14.