The Tiger-Cat Show on CHML Radio- May 28/06

On The Tiger-Cat Show on CHML radio today from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m., host Ted Michaels played a taped interview he had with Coach Marshall this morning.

Coach Marshall was generally pleased with the performance of the offensive and defensive units at the Black and Gold game yesterday. He and his coaching staff are reviewing the game tapes and will probably release 5 to 6 players by the end of the day.

Ted Michaels also played taped interviews with Mike Morreale, Bobby Brooks, Tay Cody, Kevin Eakin, Ray Mariuz, and trainer Chris Puskas. It was a very informative show.

It most certainly was informative. It made the news about those cuts a little less surprising. but many other interesting things were asid on that show.

Firist I'll mentioned something for those who might like a better idea of who our starting linebackers might be. Greg Marshall said that Brooks, Barrenechea, Mariuz, and Hitchcock were doing well. It was good to hear that about Brooks as some thought he might be better as a defensive lineman. And it was also good to hear Brooks discuss the rivalry we have with the blue team, and to say he looked forward to playing them. :slight_smile:

It was also good to hear D.J. Flick say this was the most competitive training camp he's been in. He may have said it best when he said that he's glad he does not have to make the cuts. :slight_smile:

Also good to hear was Mike Morreale saying that Paopao was the best free agent pickup we have. He said something like "when you respect your coach you do what it takes to impress him" on Paopao.

It certainly was an interesting show.

I wish CHML would give the ticats
Access to the show for a Pod Cast..

Sorry I missed it