The Tiger-Cat Show on CHML Radio- Aug 6/06

On the The Tiger-Cat Show on CHML radio this afternoon, it was surprising that there was no mention at all of the Ticat victory over the Blue Bombers on Friday night. There was also no interview with coach Ron Lancaster or Ticat GM Rob Katz about the game or the injury status of Tay Cody or Pascal Cheron.

One got the sense that the entire show consisted of pre-recorded interviews. For example, Ted Michaels interviewed Blue Bomber defensive tackle Doug Brown about his weekly column in the Winnipeg Free Press but there was no mention at all about his most recent column slamming the Ticats and the City of Hamilton. It therefore sounded as though the interview was recorded last week in Hamilton before Brown saw the infamous "I'd rather be 1 and 5 than live in Winnipeg" insert in The Hamilton Spectator.

Granted, some of the pre-recorded features were of interest to Ticat fans and CFL fans. The "Where Are They Now?" segment on Mike Derks and the interview with Glen Kulka about the possible return of an Ottawa CFL franchise were good. However, in a one hour show, they should have spent at least five to ten minutes talking about the Ticats' first road win in fourteen games and the injury status of the Ticat players.

Ted Michaels is off on vacation this unfortunately he couldn't do the show "live" today......he works Monday to Friday as the news director right into the evenings, does the "Fifth Quarter" no matter which day the game is (including weekends) and then does the Sunday Tiger-Cat Show on Sundays.....

he needed a beer break today..... :lol:

Good show though!......and I heard Derks give kudos to the Cats Claws and their yearly effort with the "Walk of Fame" dinner...

Mark Bowden "Schecky" was a good interview as always (talking about the upcoming Ticats Golf Tourney)....I think he's got a radio career ahead of him as he sounds way too smooth! :smiley:

I like Ted's work on Ticats stuff...he's a great fan and yet a solid professional 8)

(Ted paid me $20 to say that....hahaha)

just kidding....

Seriously, Ted was a bit concerned that his absence in the studio today might be noticed by Ticats fans so he gave me the heads-up as to why.....he's forgiven.....once! :wink:

Ted's got a great family and I don't blame him for wanting to spend one Sunday with them.

Beers to Ted and his wife and kids! (Ted's wife is a hoot!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Like you needed any more reasons to get your CFL news from FAN 590.
Too bad they're from T.O. but its immediate, interviews are almost NEVER canned and have great guests.

That’s if you don’t fall asleep listening to the “bazillion” commercials waiting for the actual host to speak…with all due respect to Mike Hogan (he’s awesome), I lost interest in that station…way too many commercials and newsbreaks…

Hogan should start his own syndicated show in my opinion (a la Jim Rome…Hogan is good at his craft!)

Atleast it isn’t like before when they had sports updates every 15 mins?

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yeah…they’re annoying…but I see the same thing with CNN news…the same clips over and over again…(I do understand that they are catering to the viewers who just tuned in)…but the “breaking news” thingy is usually a replay now and from hours ago…yawnnnn

but they make a gazillion bucks per day so who’s to question eh?.. :lol:

I suppose I have to confess that I just miss Walter Cronkite and I am bitter…hahaha