The Tiger-Cat Show (CHML at Noon))

Tune in - just minutes from now, with host Ted Michaels.

Hopefully, Ted will have a report from Coach Lancaster (and much more "stuff" too).

This should be veeerrrry interesting!

[url=][/url] (to listen on line)

The server feed on the Net cannot be played on the player at the moment...I'll have to wait for the podcast. :frowning:

Oski Wee Wee,

It was surprising that Ted Michaels did not ask Ron Lancaster about the injury status of Jason Maas or whether Maas might be available to play next week in Winnipeg. However, he did ask Lancaster about the release of Craig Yeast. Lancaster said that the problem with Yeast has been building up over a year and that the decision to release him wasn't based solely on Friday evening's game.

Ah, I was hoping that one of the individuals who were able to listen to CHML the old-fashioned way (with an actual radio) would tell about what was most interesting about that show. Still, I'd like to get the podcast of the show once it becomes available.


Anyway, I was hoping to hear what would be said about the release of Yeast. But I'm not too surprised by it, as I'm sure the team has had some difficulty dealing with him for some time. Lancaster did coach him in 2003 and I figured he would not like Yeast's attitude and eventually have enough of it. And from what I heard was said by Rob Katz on CH, something happened the night he was cut that was the "last straw" if you will. This does more or less confirm what I suspected, but I'd like to hear exactly what was said. Aren't these podcasts great?