The Tiger-Cat Luxury "Ride"

This is very cool don'tcha think?

Maybe the Ticats video people can give us a tour inside someday?.....and post the video for us?

This is a great idea that Ticat fan Chris Ecklund had :smiley:

Ticats get a new coach

Forty-two foot motor coach for corporate and community events

Steve Milton
The Hamilton Spectator
(Aug 31, 2007)

Even before the Labour Day game is played, Jesse Lumsden and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' offensive line will gain a lot of yards. Miles, actually.

Giant images of Lumsden, his blocking crew, defensive end Nautyn McKay-Loescher and middle linebacker Zeke Moreno adorn the sides of the Cats' new community cruiser, which the club unveiled this week.

The 42-foot motor coach belongs to Hamilton businessman and philanthropist Chris Ecklund, who customized the vehicle, had it painted and donated the use of it to the Tiger-Cats for community and corporate functions.

"Just carrying on my commitment to the city and the team," said Ecklund, who's been a Ticat fan for 30 years and buys a corporate tent in the west end zone.

The Cats plan to use the coach for a variety of community and corporate events, and have already committed it to 15 functions.

They're particularly interested in using it as a marketing, er, vehicle in the outlying regions of their catchment area, such as the Niagara Peninsula.

"With the brand identification, it's a success as soon as it arrives," said Greg Kelly, the Cats' Director of Marketing. "It's great for us. How many marketing directors can say they've got their own bus to take to promotions?"

Ecklund is now searching for six adults to volunteer their time as coach drivers. He says the drivers will receive Cats' season's tickets for their families, as well as other perks.

"This coach is something every Hamiltonian can look at and say 'I own part of this,' " Ecklund said. "This is a community team."



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I had the chance to see it up close and personal on Monday at the TiCat golf tournament. It is awesome both inside and out. A sight to behold up close without a doubt.

I never new Hamilton had so many bored millionares. Maybe a few of them could fix up the east end.

Just another attempt to distract us, if you ask me. :wink:

It looks great.

Its cool but its just fluff.

I would say the Cats lead the league in fluff.

If the team was winning none of this stuff would matter.

There is more to football, than flowers in the bathroom, loud music before a game, a free flower for every girl or so, and a motor coach that the management will charge the snot out of when you want to use it.
The pony and dance marketing show has had its chance. The honeymoon is over. And now the business side is seeing we are not all being taken in for the ride, and dare I say it, ticket sales have slowed?
I WANT SOME CONSISTENT FOOTBALL. THEN I might start enjoying the paint.

Why is it that the Community and Marketing departments get blasted just because the team isn't performing?

I always wonder that myself.....I mean it's their JOB to keep the interest up and revenue streams coming in while the football side gets things straightened out. (which is clearly on the top of the list now)

Marketing was so poor in the past that even after back to back Grey Cup appearances in 98 and 99 (winning it in 99), attendance continued to plummet....and we damn near lost the franchise in 2003.

So I never buy into the fact that a good football product on the field will pack the doesn't.

The whole entertainment package is what brings the crowds out consistently. That is not to say that winning football doesn't help because it does but it's not the only factor in this day and age.

Value for the entertainment dollar is what it's all about at the end of the day.

Having said that, I'll be a happy camper if we lambaste the Argos on Monday!


Exactly whoknows. Look, maybe I shouldn't say this but I will. I love going to TiCat games all the time but especially now since we have a committed owner and who is from this area and putting money into the team and trying hard to get a winner. Yes, a winning team will help but if this is the only reason I go to games to watch a team win, then really I'm not a great fan like I purport to be. I go for many other reasons than just watching a winning team, the key is as long as I know the owner is committed to trying to build a winner, and he is. We might go 1-18 for the next 5 years in a row but that doesn't matter as long as I see the process happening of trying to win. If not, then I'll bail without a thought.

Touchdown, Chris Ecklund!!!

(Man o'man, what a site it would be to see that monster parked at the tailgate party park on game day!)

This is a motor home donated by a TiCat FAN!!! It's not from the team as "fluff", but will be further used to market the team with the best uniforms in professional sports (with the Boston Bruins).

This is a positive, "off field" item that didn't cost you the customer, or the team, a thing.

Not only that but I'd be willing to bet that the vehicle will be also be used at no cost to occasionally brighten up the lives of the less fortunate amongst some charity purposes. I'd love to see the look in the eyes of some kids who would never have the opportunity otherwise to go for a cruise around the city or the rurals in that machine.....hell, I'm broke!..take me! :wink: