I will go on record to predict the Cats will win.
Not only are they way overdo, it has been getting close every week.
Maas is starting to look like a first stringer and Jesse is a stud as a RB.
The defense is also getting better. What I don't really understand is Corey Holmes. He looks like he has lost a step, but maybe because he is under used it is more rust then anything else.
Last week in the Peg they lead for what three quarters and faded in the fourth.

No the Tiger-cats didn't lead for 3 quarters last week. They led for 3 minutes or so in the 3rd quarter 15-14. They also led for another 3 minutes in the 4th quarter 18-17. The Bombers scored the first points of the game, and from that point on, led the entire game except for those two 3-minute intervals.

The Tiger-cats may win this week, it should be a good game, but I am still going with the Bombers.

Thanks for the correction devastator.
Bottom line, they were close.

I picked the Bombers in the pool, so they better win! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think tonight's game will be close. The Cats have looked good the last 2 weeks. I think the Bombers will pull it out though, but it could go either way.

I picked the Bombers to win, but Hamilton could win its 1st game tonight. I believe it will very close.

i pick Hamilton to win :stuck_out_tongue: because tey have some unfinshed business and Winnipeg is not that good.

Winnipeg forfits? :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be a good game, I just hope we can keep Lumsden in check. Roberts will be strong tonight, he wants that rushing lead back!

I think Hamilton CAN win this one (not saying that for sure they will, just that they CAN win it).

If I were coaching the Cats (and all Cats fans should thank their lucky stars that I am not), I'd be concentrating on getting the ball to the WRs against the Winnipeg corners; that's where I think the Bombers might be a bit vulnerable.

According to the Bombers' depth chart for tonight, Greg Moss is on one corner, and Ian Logan on the other. I am not a fan of forcing square pegs into round holes (although sometimes, like here, injuries force you into it)....Moss is naturally a DHB not a corner, and Logan is naturally a safety not a corner.

So that's where I'd be working all night.

Im liking Hamilton for this one it will give the rest of the league a reality check that any team can be beat on any night. Like the BC game Iam glad they lost and can now improve on what needs fixing.

I picked Hamilton, because

(1) The Bombers may have a let down after getting Milt his big Prize


(2)Back to back are always hard to sweep.

. . . . Because the Bombers were talking big talk like they were going to get an easy win.

...Sport.....the big Prize is the Cup....and we ain't got there yet..... lol....MadJack is correct....we have 2nd. stringers playing the corners...Taafe will have his Cats snarly... and if Maas can out-gun Kevin they could take the 2pts....this is going to be a hard hitter... :rockin:

Looks like Hamilton isn't going without a fight. Lumsden just ran for a 69-yard TD.

OK, should I now say…I told you so.
The Cats appear to be on the rise, while my Argos are going the opposite way.

I think that the Ticats of today could beat the Argos of today. Unfortunately by Labour Day Bishop will probably be back, and it may be an entirely different story. That should be a great game, in front of a huge crowd.

because Berry has been crying in his pillow every night "Charlie doesn't like me anymore" sniff sniff.

Or whats the point of playing. Milty got his magic numbered touchdown. The season is over.