The Ticats want to hear your greatest IWS memories

Great story Mike. Would have loved to see a Grey Cup win on home turf. A rare occurrence in football. Unfortunately I was born a year late for the Cats home Cup victory, Canada's famous win over the Russians, and the Bruins last Stanely Cup until the year past. Thought I was never going to see those B's win. :slight_smile:

It's great to read all these stories. My favorite story all time is the Home for Labor Day story posted here a few years ago now I guess? Adam gave me permission to post it on my site but I always felt it should have had more exposure than lost on a message board or on my little site.

I hadn't been on Drew's blog for awhile I'll admit. I didn't like the old layout but it looks great now. One complaint would just be that it's hard to find specific stories. These memories certainly deserve a tab all to themselves unless I am missing something?

So I have listed them below with their links:

Ivor Wynne Memories
Sharing A Moment with an Old Friend by Chris Donaldson -

The road to 1972 Grey Cup by Pete Penny -

The 1996 Grey Cup by Anthony Kaduck -

From wee lad to the future by Mike Kennedy -

The Magical Drunk Man By Jacob Miranda -

Jesse's Big Night by Shirley Forsyth -

Score one for the scoreboard by Chris Robertson -

if Harold Ballard had a million dollars (he'd have Tom Clements) by John Williams -

the 2009 East Final by Nick Woehl -

I haven't read them all yet myself but I think I found them all?

Or running over a ref. :?

I chuckled pretty good after that comment. Ya. Good point. But before that it was funny. :slight_smile:

Who gives a crap about old shit...what about tonight's with the coach so drunk he couldn't throw the challenge flag...there is "AA"...that is the only explanation possible...when he resigns tonight (saves being fired) he will cry & whine about Canadian football but he just hasn't grown up to be tough enough to play 3-down football yet!!!

My favourite IWS memory........

was a vague recollection of when they would actually win football games and had a stellar defense!!!