The TICATS should fire.....................

You can blame the o-line, you can blame the qb, the rb, the head coach, the defense, however.... how bout the offensive coordinator?! Joe Pao Pao!!!! I have respect for the guy, but he didn't exactly have a great coaching run in Ottawa....... 4-14 , 7-11, 5-13 and 7-11 , not exactly a winning record for the 4 years he was coach for the Gades. So why would you hire him as your offensive coordinator? Why? He is screwing up the offensive, his plays suck!!! I betcha if steve buratto of the stampeders was offensive coordinator of the ticats he'd at least get something going. Jason Maas doesn't look like himself when he's playing. Ranek ain't performing nothing. Vaughn, Holmes and Yeast aren't scoring. This team should be at least 4-3 or 3-3. It's a shame, a true shame. My opinion is when Pao Pao is gone, the Ticats are back to winning. In Pao Pao!!!!!!!

Lets bring the new head coach in as coordinator this year and see what he can do.

Along with Pao Pao I think th O-line coach should go too. The o-line isn't doing anything to help the running game.
This is only my opinion on who should go and I'm not paid to do anything in professional sports.

hes so bad.. wow his play calling is wow... it was hard to watch that game last night and with the damn THUNDER STICK! worste idea ever, i wanted to kick som1's ass.. not to mention the drunk under age drinkers running around from seat to seat where there were empty spots and screaming into your ear. man i hated last night with a passion.