The Ticats Logo

How do you know? Do you speak from experience?

At any rate, hopefully ownership will carefully consider the opinions of ticket-purchasing fans like myself and others and not further alienate their core audience.

Speaking as someone living in a third-floor apartment about 559 km from my mom's basement, I would only point out that these issues do mean something to a lot of fans who associate with the logos and symbols of their favourite team.

Montreal girls like cats from my experience, but I digress. :wink:

I actually get compliments often when I wear my retro logo hat around town from people who know football. A few have compared the current logo to a Tony the Tiger outtake (I always rebut this by saying "They'rrrrrrrrrrrrre great!"), but everyone around my age here I've talked to prefer the old school logo.

It makes good marketing sense for the team to keep the two logos as merchandising entities, IMHO. One day the team might find it worthwhile to revert to a more classic look: certainly the Lions have going back to their white helmet-orange home jersey look of the 1980s teams and the paw logo on their third jersey and alternate helmet.

For a third jersey in subsequent years, I would recomment a retro look on Labour Day -- gold helmets and stripes on the sleeves for starters. That's just me, but I am sure others here feel the same way.

The new logo marked a new direction. The team should endeavour to start getting it associated with a winner. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

To conclude, perjorative attacks on fans who post here are not welcome. There is enough projected nonsense here for people to have to wade through that too. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I like the shark with the fricken laser on its head. They could go on the shoulder patch.

If ever gets a touch/flag football team together, that shark must be on the shoulders. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

There is a saying when it comes to ships. "Change the name of a ship and you change the luck of a ship"

That seems to apply to the Ti-Cats logo as well. The last year we had the old logo was 2004, 9-8-1. The logo was changed for the 2005 season, 5-13. So far in 2006 2-8. see a pattern forming here.

I don't think all the bitching in the world is gonna bring back the old logo but i like it better and to answer the question put forth in this thread. NO!!! I have not got used to the new logo.

I still think the new logo stinks
Bring back the logo that we all know and love

While we're on the subject, can we also get GM to bring back the rear wheel drive land yachts, Bell Canada to make all of south-central Ontario area code 416 and the government resume 9 hour workdays, 6 days per week?

If the best that you can complain about the Tiger-Cats is the logo, then you must have perfect lives.

LOL That wouldn't include me, since I know you read my 13-page fan column for this week. :wink:

I would be happy if they kept both logos as I mentioned before. A retro look is good for merchandising re a third jersey, caps, etc.

New Coke and Classic Coke, no? :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Sorry... I should have put in Oski not included :slight_smile:

By this reasoning, maybe the New York Yankees should change the font of their "NY" and have black uniforms with white pinstripes just to grab the kids interest and to sell more shirts....Their uniforms surely need to be updated!!!!

When did the government work 9 hour workdays, 6 days per week? Must have been before my time.

Could be the ghosts of TiCats past who have put a curse on this poor collection of souls we have assembled.
We may not have a prayer until our old Logo is restored.
Tradition counts for something ,doesn't it?

out with the new, in with the old. Dont even get me started on that terrible logo on the labourday helmets. They look cartoonish

The old logo is the best in sports.

I love the new logo - does anyone know when it will be available on Ontario license plates :?


Not very often.

And I believe that the Toronto Maple Leafs have only won one Stanley Cup since they did an update of their logo. Those who believe that one's fotunes can be affected this way may like to point that out. But I certainly hope we won't be looking back on the decision to update the logo as the moment in which our organization became cursed. I'd like to see that Grey Cup win in every decade streak continue.

And no, this is not the biggest complaint about the team we have. Just compare the number of posts on the logo with posts on other complaints about the team. Although there might be some that say that the logo issue is the cause of others.